Bulalo special – Leslie’s Restaurant

Bulalo special - Leslie's Restaurant
Beef shank stew with bone marrow, napa cabbage, corn, long bean, bok choy, and onion. 599 PHP
Leslie’s Restaurant, Tagaytay PHILIPPINES

Bulalo special - Leslie's Restaurant
I guess Leslie’s is famous for their bulalo and now I know why! This beef soup was SO delicious. It had SO much flavor with just the right amount of bitterness. The restaurant is super popular so be prepared to wait. The views behind the restaurant are also spectacular!

Raised hut overlooking Taal Volcano
Raised hut overlooking Taal Volcano behind Leslie’s.


Korean bbq skirt steak salad – The Tropicale

Korean bbq skirt steak salad - The Tropicale
With peanut ginger vinaigrette, napa cabbage, bean sprouts, taro root chips, carrots and scallions. $21
The Tropicale, Palm Springs CA

The flavors in this dish were great, but the skirt steak was overcooked and super charred. It’s not fun eating a stick of black ash. 😦

Grilled duck breast – Nojo

Grilled duck breast - Nojo
Napa cabbage and daikon pickle, apple-soy sauce. $17.50
Nojo, San Francisco CA

I’m a huge fan of duck, and this dish was cooked perfectly! The duck had a great grilled exterior while the meat remained moist and tender. The nice layer of skin fat gave the breast such an amazing flavor. And you can never go wrong with pickling some napa cabbage?!

Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach, Great Highway.

Spicy calamari – The Prado at Balboa Park

Spicy calamari - The Prado at Balboa Park
Korean chili sauce, napa cabbage slaw. $9.95
The Prado at Balboa Park, San Diego CA

I don’t usually like fried calamari made from squid steaks because they tend to be rubbery and flavorless. These, however, were delicious! The Korean chili sauce they tossed the calamari in was SO flavorful and had a bit of a kick to it, noms! The napa cabbage slaw was also pretty tasty.

Nikigator sculpture

“Nikigator” alligator sculpture, clay tiles, glass and stone mosiac, located outside of the Mingei International Museum.

Asian chicken salad – Escena Lounge & Grill

Asian chicken salad - Escena Lounge & Grill
Shredded napa cabbage, carrots, red peppers, mandarin oranges, caramelized almonds, cilantro, green onions, wontons and grilled chicken tossed in soy-ginger vinaigrette. $13
Escena Lounge & Grill, Palm Springs CA

Wow, this was like a huge Asian chopped salad! And a very good one at that. I loved the perfect combination of all the different textures and flavors.

Escena Golf Club view - Escena Lounge & Grill

The view from our table – absolutely beautiful!

Shanghainese chow mein – Mission Chinese Food

Shanghainese chow mein - Mission Chinese Food
Pulled pork trotter, rock shrimp, pickled mustard greens, napa cabbage, green onion, chow mein noodles. $12
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco

Another yummy dish from MCF! I love the texture of the chow mein noodles and the combination of pork trotter and rock shrimp. It’s like surf and turf noodles. Very flavorful!

"Bending Over Backward", Susan R. Greene 2010

“Bending Over Backward”, Susan R. Greene 2010. Hoff Street @ 16th Street. Public mural artwork dedicated to political prisoners everywhere.

Wang’s dumpling combination – Wang’s in the Desert

Project 365: Day 87

And the rain has come back to the Bay Area! Wow, it was raining cats and dogs this morning. Silverfox and I went to Toast Eatery for breakfast. I accidentally left my cell phone at home and missed Kryan’s international phone call, oops! I’ll have to catch up with him next weekend while I’m in Charleston. Gotsta go into work for a couple of hours today then finish packing for tomorrow. We’re gonna try Jake’s, the new restaurant on Market Street, for dinner tonight. Not looking forward to my early flight tomorrow. 😦

Steamed dim sum platter Wang's in the Desert

Lamb and rosemary – ground lamb with chopped rosemary, garlic and onion. Shichimi spiced beef – Angus beef, water chestnuts, napa cabbage and onion. Curried chicken – ground white meat chicken, mushrooms, onions and ginger (2 pieces each). $10
Wang’s in the Desert, Palm Springs CA

Ugh! These dumplings were SO dry and the wrappers were kinda rubbery. Don’t the descriptions look great though? Too bad the kitchen couldn’t execute them properly.

Szechuan pickles – Mission Chinese Food

Szechuan pickles Mission Chinese Food

Salt pickled napa cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, roasted peanut, fresh coriander, and chili oil. $3.50
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco

Yum! How can you really go wrong with a dish of pickled vegetables. And Mission Chinese knows how to pickle! The napa cabbage was the star of this dish. I could’ve easily had a couple more bowls of this!

Mu shu chicken – Xiao Long Bao Kitchen

Mu shu chicken Xiao Long Bao Kitchen

Large pile of shredded chicken, napa cabbage, onions, carrots, green onions, black fungus, and scrambled eggs.  Served with mu shu pancakes.  These are always fun to eat because you get to make yummy Chinese burritos of sorts.  The hoisin (or plum sauce) tastes great with the mildly flavored filling. $7.95
Xiao Long Bao Kitchen, South San Francisco

Napa cabbage – Shanghai Dumpling King

Napa cabbage Shanghai Dumpling King
Chinese pickled napa cabbage with jalapeno slices.
Shanghai Dumpling King, San Francisco

This dish was listed as “Spicy Bok Choy” on the menu!  When we ordered it, the waiter informed us that it was a cold dish, which we happily agreed to.  I was surprised when the dish arrived and it was napa cabbage instead, especially since napa cabbage was no where on their menu.  It was delicious though!  Looking back, I’m glad we got the pickled napa cabbage.  It was fresh, crisp and refreshing with a little bit of spice.  Napa cabbage as a more delicate flavor than bok choy, and it was just what we needed.  I’m not sure I would order it otherwise, so it was a fortuitous substitution!

Green tea Shanghai Dumpling King
The only times I drink tea are when I’m sick or at a Chinese restaurant and it’s complimentary. Haha! I must say that sipping tea throughout somehow elevates the meal and overall experience. Yay for free tea!