Napa cabbage – Shanghai Dumpling King

Napa cabbage Shanghai Dumpling King
Chinese pickled napa cabbage with jalapeno slices.
Shanghai Dumpling King, San Francisco

This dish was listed as “Spicy Bok Choy” on the menu!  When we ordered it, the waiter informed us that it was a cold dish, which we happily agreed to.  I was surprised when the dish arrived and it was napa cabbage instead, especially since napa cabbage was no where on their menu.  It was delicious though!  Looking back, I’m glad we got the pickled napa cabbage.  It was fresh, crisp and refreshing with a little bit of spice.  Napa cabbage as a more delicate flavor than bok choy, and it was just what we needed.  I’m not sure I would order it otherwise, so it was a fortuitous substitution!

Green tea Shanghai Dumpling King
The only times I drink tea are when I’m sick or at a Chinese restaurant and it’s complimentary. Haha! I must say that sipping tea throughout somehow elevates the meal and overall experience. Yay for free tea!

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