Cosmopolitan cocktail – Wang’s in the Desert

Cosmopolitan cocktail - Wang's in the Desert

42 Below vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, citrus. Happy hour $5
Wang’s in the Desert, Palm Springs CA

Nothing beats a good ole happy hour on a warm desert afternoon. Apparently, Wang’s is the place to be on Fridays!

Empty cocktail glasses, Wang's in the Desert
Happy hour damage. Ok, maybe we drink too much, lol!

Windmills along Highway 10
Windmills along Highway 10.

Warm edamame – Wang’s in the Desert

Warm edamame Wang's in the Desert

Chinese soy beans, wokked in a garlic, soy sauce. $6
Wang’s in the Desert, Palm Springs CA

Wow, this was SO salty! It was kind of disgusting. I would try to quickly eat one then have to chug some water to combat the saltiness. Ew!

Pickled cucumber Wang's in the Desert

Pickled cucumber with white and black sesame seeds. Complimentary.
Thank goodness these were good. Wish the rest of their dishes we the same.  😦

Korean spare ribs – Wang’s in the Desert

Korean spare ribs Wang's in the Desert

4 pieces of bite size pork ribs braised in a soy bbq sauce. Served with tangy Korean cole slaw. $9
Wang’s in the Desert, Palm Springs CA

These were sticky, sweet, salty, and absolutely delicious! Among all the small plates we tried, this was the most substantial. I love pork ribs and these did not disappoint!

Wang’s dumpling combination – Wang’s in the Desert

Project 365: Day 87

And the rain has come back to the Bay Area! Wow, it was raining cats and dogs this morning. Silverfox and I went to Toast Eatery for breakfast. I accidentally left my cell phone at home and missed Kryan’s international phone call, oops! I’ll have to catch up with him next weekend while I’m in Charleston. Gotsta go into work for a couple of hours today then finish packing for tomorrow. We’re gonna try Jake’s, the new restaurant on Market Street, for dinner tonight. Not looking forward to my early flight tomorrow. 😦

Steamed dim sum platter Wang's in the Desert

Lamb and rosemary – ground lamb with chopped rosemary, garlic and onion. Shichimi spiced beef – Angus beef, water chestnuts, napa cabbage and onion. Curried chicken – ground white meat chicken, mushrooms, onions and ginger (2 pieces each). $10
Wang’s in the Desert, Palm Springs CA

Ugh! These dumplings were SO dry and the wrappers were kinda rubbery. Don’t the descriptions look great though? Too bad the kitchen couldn’t execute them properly.

Jalapeno calamari – Wang’s in the Desert

Project 365: Day 86

Omg, this is my last day of work before all my trips in April when I’ll only be back in the office for 2 days! Work was on the slow side today. I’m gonna hit the gym after work then get my hair cut before my work trip. I’ve got to remember to buy more deodorant on my way home, hehe.

Jalapeno calamari Wang's in the Desert

Calamari steak medallions seasoned with garlic, jalapenos, scallions, lemon juice, salt and pepper. $9
Wang’s in the Desert, Palm Springs CA

The thick squid medallions were squishy and had a funky texture – not a fan. I also thought these were gonna be hot and spicy, but they had almost no heat. Very disappointing.

Pan fried seafood pot stickers – Wang’s in the Desert

Project 365: Day 85

Another ho-hum day at work. I had a great workout afterward, then swung by Dinosaurs for a banh mi sandwich before grabbing the J Muni back home. The prices were SO cheap there that I bought an extra sandwich to bring to lunch tomorrow. They were very tasty! Pics to come once I’m caught up, lol!

Pan fried seafood pot stickers Wang's in the Desert

Shrimp and scallops with water chestnuts and scallions (4 pieces). Served with a ginger soy dipping sauce. $10
Wang’s in the Desert, Palm Springs CA

These pot stickers looked promising on the menu, but they were a little dry and dense. I really wasn’t all that impress with the food at Wang’s overall. Their happy hour is a lot more fun and a better value than their actual dinner.