Soft scrambled eggs – Plow

Soft scrambled eggs - Plow
Oyster mushrooms, spinach, cheddar, 14 cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, crispy potatoes and toast. $14
Plow, San Francisco CA

Ugh, this scramble was pretty greasy! The soft scramble was executed correctly and the flavors were good, but I couldn’t get past the excessive oil. Also, I had forgotten that there was goat cheese until the very end when I uncovered the huge blob of it at the bottom. I wish it had been incorporated more evenly throughout.

Thanks goodness for those crispy potatoes – they were AMAZING! I could not stop eating them because they were SO flavorful and had the most perfect texture. I think when we go back, I’ll order and extra side of these delicious potatoes!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013, 2014

America's Cup Pavilion
Heart concert at the America’s Cup Pavilion with Coit Tower in the background.

Wild mushroom omelet – The Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant

Wild mushroom omelet - The Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant
Bloomsdale spinach, goat cheese, fine herbs, breakfast potatoes, sourdough toast. $14
The Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant, San Francisco CA

Meh, this omelet was pretty boring even though it looked like it had pretty good ingredients. The filling was dry and bland and the eggs were under-seasoned. The toast was the best part. Boo!

Pinkish tree mallow flowers

Pinkish tree mallow flowers (Lavatera arborea, Malvaceae), Point Lobos Avenue.

Andy’s sage fried chicken benedict – Hash House A Go Go

Andy's sage fried chicken benedict - Hash House A Go Go
With fresh spinach, hardwood smoked bacon, market tomato, griddled mozzarella, chipotle cream and scrambled eggs served on a fresh split biscuit with griddled mashed potatoes. $15.95
Hash House A Go Go, Las Vegas NV

OMG, this fried chicken benedict was digustingly awe-inspiring, lol! We came to Hash House A Go Go to try this monstrousity because someone in our group had seen it on Man Vs. Food where Adam Richman ate the entire thing (ew!). Thank god I wasn’t the one who ordered it, but I did help eat it (hehe!).

The chipotle cream was a little on the bland side which is probably a good thing because you’d probably get sick from eating it all especially if it was spicy. The biscuits were dense and seemed underdone, and the mashed potatoes were also under-seasoned. The fried chicken tasted good but they were greasy. I guess what I’m saying was that this dish wasn’t very good, but it was worth the opportunity to see it in person and to give it a go. And really, it was only sixteen bucks! 🙂

The Flamingo Hotel

The Flamingo Hotel.

Spicy seafood dumplings – M.Y. China

Spicy seafood dumplings - M.Y. China
Scallops, shrimp, spinach wrapper. $9
M.Y. China, San Francisco CA

This dish was SO mediocre that I don’t even remember ordering it. That’s not surprising because the food runners tried to drop off several dishes that we didn’t order. So perhaps we really didn’t order this in the first place. At least they were consistent with their lameness. Get a clue!

 Large wild iris/fairy iris (Dietes grandiflora, Iridaceae)

White, lavendar and yellow large wild iris/fairy iris (Dietes grandiflora, Iridaceae) flowers, Castro Street.

Ginger hoisin smoked duck breast – Sansei Seafood Restaurant

Ginger hoisin smoked duck breast - Sansei Seafood Restaurant
Sauteed spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and crispy tempura fried maki roll in a sweet soy demi-glace. $26.95
Sansei Seafood Restaurant, Waikoloa HI

Ginger hoisin smoked duck breast - Sansei Seafood Restaurant
This tasted ok. Perhaps it was a little on the salty side. And the duck had a spongy texutre and I didn’t enjoy. The plate looked great, but I wish it had blown me away.

Sunset at Anaeho'omalu Bay
Sunset at Anaeho’omalu Bay, Waikoloa.

Wafu salad – Izakaya Takonoki

Wafu salad - Izakaya Takonoki
Baby spinach, radish, tofu, tomato with sesame shoyu dressing. $8.50
Izakaya Takonoki, Honolulu HI

This was ok, nothing special. I actually would have preferred it if the salad came tossed and with smaller pieces of fresh tofu.

House chardonnay - Izakaya Takonoki

House chardonnay. $5.50

Sunset at Waikiki Beach
Sunset at Waikiki Beach, Oahu.