Pile o’ pork – Hahn’s Hibachi

Pile o' pork - Hahn's Hibachi
Combination of sliced pork, smoke pork kabobs, pork chop and pork spare ribs. Served with rice, bean sprouts and kimchee. $15.95
Hahn’s Hibachi, San Francisco CA

From the elaborate description on their menu, I actually thought there was gonna be more meat, lol! This was ok. I guess I was looking for volume and not necessarily quality when I order this.

Quaking grass/rattlesnake grass
Quaking grass/rattlesnake grass (Briza sp., Poaceae), Bernal Heights Park.

David makes a pan-fried pork chop dinner!

Aw, I love it when David cooks dinner! I try and offer to do the dishes, but he’s such a putzer that he ends up doing them before I can get the chance. Hehe! This meal was lovely and a nice change of pace from eating out. As much as I love dining at restaurants, it’s the home cooked meals that I remember the most!

Pan fried pork chop and dirty rice
Tender pork chop served with dirty rice and beans.

Mixed greens, beets and feta salad
Mixed greens salad with sliced beets and feta cheese. Simple and delicious.

Assorted marinated olives
Assorted marinated olives. He knows that I love olives so he was sweet enough to purchase some to snack on.

Ornamental lemon tree (Citrus sp., Rutaceae)

Ornamental lemon tree (Citrus sp., Rutaceae), Roosevelt Way. You can see Twin Peaks in the background covered in a shroud of fog.