Pile o’ pork – Hahn’s Hibachi

Pile o' pork - Hahn's Hibachi
Combination of sliced pork, smoke pork kabobs, pork chop and pork spare ribs. Served with rice, bean sprouts and kimchee. $15.95
Hahn’s Hibachi, San Francisco CA

From the elaborate description on their menu, I actually thought there was gonna be more meat, lol! This was ok. I guess I was looking for volume and not necessarily quality when I order this.

Quaking grass/rattlesnake grass
Quaking grass/rattlesnake grass (Briza sp., Poaceae), Bernal Heights Park.

Veggies and mushrooms – Hahn’s Hibachi

Veggies and mushrooms - Hahn's Hibachi
Delicious mixture of veggies cooked to order in Hahn’s special spicy sauce. Served with rice, bean sprouts and kimchee. $8.95
Hahn’s Hibachi, San Francisco CA

Hmm, this was just ok – really nothing special. I chose the spicy sauce option and there wasn’t any heat despite the presence of chili flakes.

St. Kevin Rectory
Courtyard at St. Kevin Rectory, Cortland Avenue.

BBQ pork – Hahn’s Hibachi

BBQ pork Hahn's Hibachi

“Thin sliced pork, marinated and sizzled on the grill.  If it ain’t sizzled it just ain’t right!  A tasty favorite here at Hahn’s!  Our pork fans go crazy over this dish.  Used by Pork Phobic Group Therapy facilitators to show those folks that have an irrational fear of pork that pork is good, pork is friendly, and pork is tasty!  Nice Pork!”  Served with steamed rice, fresh cucumber salad, kim chee and sprouts.  $10.50
Hahn’s Hibachi, San Francisco

Although the menu description is a bit ridiculous, this huge pile of meat is pretty tasty!  I have no idea what the brown sauce is that they ladle on top of the bbq pork, but it’s pretty good.  I guess you can’t go wrong with gravy.  I also love the pickled cucumbers that comes with the dish.  The pork is sliced pretty thin so it’s very tender and has a great smokey flavor.  When you see this on the menu, don’t expect it cooked bulgogi-style!

Stuffed jalapenos – Hahn’s Hibachi

Stuffed jalapenos Hahn's Hibachi

Fresh jalapenos stuffed with marinated steak and tempura fried.  Garnished with parsley and served with soy based dipping sauce.  $9.95
Hahn’s Hibachi, San Francisco

Omg, I love this appetizer!  The combination of the salty beef stuffed inside the jalapeno, the hot crispy tempura outside, and the salty sour dipping sauce is absolutely delicious!  You get quite a few, which is good because $9.95 is a bit high for an appetizer at a casual place like this.  These are worth it!