Scallop and pork belly – Poogan’s Porch

Scallop and pork belly - Poogan's Porch
Pan seared scallop and pork belly with pickled shallots, microgreens, arugula puree, finished with bbq reduction. $8.95
Poogan’s Porch, Charleston SC

Found this restaurant through Yelp, and I’m SO glad I did! The food was amazing and the service was sweet (and on the young side, lol). This pork belly was done pretty well with a great sear and caramelization on the outside. You never know how fatty pork belly is gonna be when you order it, but this cut wasn’t too fatty at all. I really don’t mind either way, but this is Charleston y’all and I needed to save fat calories where ever I could, lol! I will say that the scallops tasted a little too sharp and metallic-y for me. They were beautifully cooked though, the flavor was just off.

Home made biscuit and honey butter - Poogan's Porch
Home made biscuit and honey butter. Complimentary. This biscuit was light and fluffy and everybody frickin’ loves honey butter so I was in heaven.

St. Matthew's German Evangelical Lutheran Church

St. Matthew’s German Evangelical Lutheran Church. This is a pretty cool looking church along King Street opposite Marion Square.

Marisha’s turkey chili meatloaf – Fork Cafe

Marisha's turkey chili meatloaf - Fork Cafe
Turkey chili with kidney beans, onion, carrot, corn, shallots and herbs served with homemade mashed potatoes. $13.95
Fork Cafe, San Francisco CA

The meatloaf was moist and flavorful and the mashed potatoes were silky smooth. The combination of the bean chili and meatloaf was a bit odd, but the flavors were good. Overall, this was a decent dish.

Colorful graffiti artwork, Osage Street
Colorful graffiti artwork, Osage Street. There are many murals similar to this one around the city and they are all bright and colorful. They don’t appear to be of anything in particular.

Marinated grilled calamari – Fish & Farm

Marinated grilled calamari Fish & Farm

With orange zest, garlic, shallots, parsley, olive oil, arugula and frisee. $12
Fish & Farm, San Francisco

This was SUPER good! When I read the menu item, I thought it was going to be more like calamari a la planxa – something whole and more dry. I was pleasantly surprised when this more salad-y dish arrived! I will say that there was A LOT of dressing on the squid, but I really didn’t mind because it was so good. It’s some of my favorite flavors and I’m gonna admit that I even used some bread to soak of the leftover dressing at the end, lol! The squid had a nice texture that wasn’t rubbery and the dish was quite large for an appetizer portion, heck yeah! I would definitely order this again.

Bread and butter Fish & Farm

Bread and butter. Complimentary. Crusty bread with real butter = happy me!

Chicken porridge – Out The Door

Chicken porridge OTD

Rau ram (Vietnamese coriander), crispy shallots, black pepper, topped with sliced Chinese donuts. $9
Out The Door, San Francisco

This was SO good! This had an amazing, intense chicken flavor and I liked the texture of this porridge better than most congees I’ve tried. And for $9, shut the front door! This is a must try.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010, 2011, 2012

Pacific oysters – Zuni Cafe

Pacific oysters Zuni Cafe

Crassostrea gigas. Pacific Hog Island (Tomales Bay) top left, Marin Miyagi (Tomales Bay) top right, and Drake’s Bay (Point Reyes) bottom. Served with a lemon wedge and mignonette. $2.50 each
Zuni Cafe, San Francisco

I’m finally developing a taste for oysters! I never liked them growing up and I’m still hesitant at times, but I find myself ordering more often these days. I still prefer the smaller varieties because the large ones gross me out still.

These were SO good. The Drake’s Bay, which are the largest two on the bottom, were actually my favorite!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die

Bread and butter Zuni Cafe

Bread and butter. Simple and yummy.

Marinated local sardines – COCO500

Marinated local sardines COCO500

Yum! These sardines were delicious! They’re topped with a mixture of what looks like shallots, chives and olive oil. The fish had a great rich flavor but wasn’t too overly fishy tasting. I cut the fillets into small chunks and ate them on top of the sliced baguette. Noms! $5 for happy hour
COCO500, San Francisco

Baguette and olive oil COCO500

Baguette and olive oil. Complimentary.

Five Dot Ranch bavette steak – Frances

Five Dot Ranch bavette steak Frances

Fingerling potato, roasted shallot, spinach, sunchoke puree, chopped chives. $26
Frances, San Francisco

This beef dish was an absolute winner! The steak was SO tender, warm and delicious. The hearty vegetables, smooth sunchoke puree and beautiful sauce all came together perfectly to create a wonderful plate. Yes please!

Rock shrimp tortellini – Firewood Cafe

Rock shrimp tortellini Firewood Cafe

Stuffed with fresh gulf rock shrimp, green onions, shallots and red bell peppers.  Served with Firewood sauce (mixture of marinara sauce and white wine cream sauce) and bread, topped with parsley and shaved parmesan cheese.  $9.95
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco

I’ll admit that I’ve had this dish more than a few times after hanging out at the surrounding bars all night, hehe!  I think it’s the Firewood sauce, a great mixture of marinara, wine, and cream) that hits just the right spots.  It’s a warm and homey dish – a perfect plate to satiate an after-bar appetite.  The tortellini always has a nice bite to them and the rock shrimp filling is delicious.

Shucker’s dozen – Hog & Rocks

Shucker's dozen Hog & Rocks

I believe these were Baywater Sweet oysters from Hood Canal in Washington State.  Served with a mignonette and lemon wedges.  Being originally from Washington, I say “Noms!”  Actually, I’m not a big raw oyster fan but I’ve got a sense of native pride to upload, hehe.  These were pretty large and you can’t complain about the great happy hour price!  $18 happy hour
Hog & Rocks, San Francisco