Faith’s warm ham and cheese toast – Town Hall

Faith's warm ham and cheese toast - Town Hall
Poached egg, jalapeno cream. $14
Town Hall, San Francisco CA

Omg, this appetizer was a meal by itself! And a delicious one at that, but you certainly can’t have more food after this dish. It’s super heavy and filled with fatty goodness. You are not warned on the menu, but it also comes with 3 jalapeno poppers, lol! The jalapeno cream sauce is frickin’ delicious and the poached egg is great after it’s broken and mixes with the cream sauce. This dish is like a fancy croque madame gone crazy! (But a good kinda crazy.) Noms!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013

San Francisco home

Beautiful San Francisco home, The Castro.

Denver scram – Judy’s Cafe

Denver scram - Judy's Cafe
Two eggs scrambled with diced ham, onion, bell pepper, served with homefried potatoes and 9-grain wheat toast. $12
Judy’s Cafe, San Francisco CA

We came across this busy brunch spot in the Marina because another restaurant we were planning on eating at was closed. The menu items were pretty basic and standard fare. The Denver scramble was ok. There was A LOT of it so you definitely got your money’s worth. The potatoes were delicious though and I couldn’t stop eating them! They were soft and tender and super flavorful. The service, on the other hand, was sporadic, confused and difficult to flag down.

Mimosas - Judy's Cafe
Mimosas with orange juice and grapefruit juice. Each $9

Purple yarrow
Purple yarrow (Achillea millefolium, Asteraceae), Land’s End.

Ham and cheese roll – United Airlines

Ham and cheese roll - United Airlines
On a parmesan pretzel roll, with potato chips and chocolate cluster.
London (LHR) to San Francisco (SFO), United Airlines

It’s nice to receive a warm “breakfast”, and this was decent. The roll was on the hard and chewy side, but it had ham and cheese so it was bearable. The potato chips were throw-aways (very poor quality). The chocolate cluster wasn’t very good either, but it I’m not gonna complain too much about a sweet treat!

Diet Coke and pretzel sticks - United Airlines

Diet Coke and pretzel sticks.

Monument to the Great Fire of London

Top of the Monument to the Great Fire of London.

Valdostana – Princi

Valdostana - Princi
Ham, cheese, artichoke and mushroom. £4.60
Princi, London ENGLAND

I didn’t know what a valdostana was, but it looked good and hearty in the display case so I thought I’d give it a try. Apparently, valdostana refers to a region in Italy and what I ordered was a torta valdostana. It was very tasty and rich. The inner layers of dough seemed a bit undercooked though. Maybe there was just too much butter in the dough. Look at me complaining about overly buttery crust, lol!

Americano - Princi
Americano. £4.60

Green Park
Green Park.

Eggs benedict – Cote

Eggs benedict - Cote
Ham and poached egg on a toasted muffin with homemade hollandaise sauce. £7.50
Cote, London ENGLAND

This tasted ok, but it was kinda cold. Cold hollandaise sauce is not appetizing to me especially when it starts congealing, ew! Actually, everything we ordered at Cote was just ok and nothing special. You win some, you lose some I guess…

Bloody mary - Cote
Bloody mary: Absolut vodka (50ml) with spicy tomato juice and celery. £3.95
Ugh, this tasted gross! It was pretty much just watered down, bland tomato juice. There was absolutely no spice (or alcohol) in there! 😦

Condiments - Cote
Condiments. Brown sauce is completely lost on me, lol!

Rugby (BT Broadband) ad
Rugby (BT Broadband) ad, King’s Cross St. Pancras station. And don’t forget to “MIND THE GAP”! 🙂

English countryside wedding in Suffolk!

Suffolk wedding food

The “Skelly” wedding was absolutely beautiful! My “adopted” English family is full of ridiculously kind, funny, and wonderful people and I was thrilled to be able to join in their celebration. They held the ceremony and dinner in the couple’s backyard. They had purchased the property a few years prior and had built the luscious garden from scratch. They’d also undertaken the enormous task of restoring their house to its original detailing which included wattle and daub construction. And all this by themselves!

The ceremony was probably the best I’ve ever witnessed. It was small and intimate (I’m used to large, formal Catholic weddings in huges churches with hundreds of people). The wedding was beautifully officiated and everything just seemed SO genuine and heartfelt. I think I cried 5 different times, lol!

Suffolk wedding food
The wedding food was delicious! The majority of the dishes were actually prepared by family and friends. The wedding couple had tasked some individuals to bring certain dishes. Wow, I would not have guessed that the food was homemade! Everything tasted amazing and were beautifully presented. They also had little labels with the dish and the cook’s names in front of each serving plate. It was super cute!

Skelly wedding
So I learned something new. Apparently, the English call large tents marquees. It took me a couple seconds to figure out what they were talking about, lol!

Wedding bar
They converted one of the shed to a little bar. Cute!

Wedding bar
Inside the shed bar.

Wedding kid zone
They also created a play ares for the kids.

Suffolk wedding
Family and friends gather before the ceremony commences.

Breakfast plate – Dolce Sitges

Breakfast plate - Dolce Sitges
Spanish tortilla, Iberico ham, sausage, scrambled eggs, hazelnuts, cheese, toast, orange juice, coffee.
Dolce Sitges, Sitges ES

The breakfast buffet at Dolce Sitges was pretty kick-ass! This was only one plate I ate, but they definitely had much more to offer. We were unapologetic about loading up on breakfast before heading out for a day of sightseeing, hehe. We paid for it, right? And I felt like we would burn off the calories anyway. One downside to eating SO much breakfast was that I missed out on some food opportunities while touring simply because was still full. #touristproblems 🙂

Iberico ham legs
Iberico ham legs. This was a first! I’d never seen carving stations like this before where you can order as much ham as you want and the attendant will carve it directly off the leg. Now that’s what I call “cut-to-order”!

Provencale galette – Breizh Cafe

Provencale galette - Breizh Cafe
Onion confit in cider, tomatoes, ham, anchovies, raw milk gruyere cheese, sunny side up egg, herbes de Provence. Galette made with organic buckwheat from Brittany and local eggs. 12,50€
Breizh Cafe, Paris FR

Wow, this galette had a combination of some of my favorite things! And it just looked SO scrumptious and beautiful. I definitely enjoyed devouring this delicious packet of food. NOMS!

Biere blanche Lancelot - Breizh Cafe
Biere blanche Lancelot. La bout 33 cl 6€

Caramels - Breizh Cafe

Caramels. Complimentary with check

Jardin du Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg. I really loved the combination of flowers that they used throughout the gardens. They were an eclectic mix of unrelated plant families, but they looked beautifully together in both form and color!

Iberico ham sandwich – Los Vikingos

Iberico ham sandwich - Los Vikingos
Jamon iberico de bellota con pan con tomate. On toasted tomato bread, with espresso.
Los Vikingos, Sitges ES

Mmm, I love tomato bread in Spain! It’s SO simple but the bread and tomatoes they use are so delicious. This particular sandwich is stuffed with Iberico ham de bellota which is of the finest grade, from free range pigs that feed in oak forests and primarily eat acorns (bellotas). Noms!

Monument al Doctor Robert

Monument al Doctor Robert in front of the Church of Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla. I guess Doctor Robert was a former mayor of Barcelona so I’m not sure why they have his statue in Sitges. Regardless, Sitges is so quaint with lots of cute vistas and everyone is really friendly.

Croque madame – La Cooperative

Croque madame - La Cooperative
De pain de campagne, frites et salade. Ham and cheese sandwich topped with fried egg, country bread, French fries and salad. 9,90€
La Cooperative, Paris FR

I thought I’d try a croque madame in France! Hmm, I’m not sure if this is how they’re supposed to be normally, but I wasn’t a fan. The bread was really toasted, as evidenced by the dark broiled cheese and dry edges, so it was hard and difficult to eat. I’m used to croque madames that are softly oozing with melted cheese and perhaps some bechamel thrown in for added moisture. This plate was gigantic though so it was a great value. I could only eat half of it, but the girl at the table next to us had no trouble finishing hers off, omg! The fries were also limp and bland.

Louvre Museum
Louvre Museum. Everything is so huge in Paris! The number of beautiful buildings is astounding so it’s not difficult to constantly be snapping pics. We walked the grounds of the Louvre but never made it inside. We didn’t want to bother with the long line and we were getting too tired to fully appreciate such a large museum once inside.

Ham and cheese omelette – Le Rostand

Ham and cheese omelette - Le Rostand
Omelette mixte (jambon et fromage). Garnished with chopped chives. 10€
Le Rostand, Paris FR

This cafe is conveniently located across from the Luxembourg Garden. There’s plenty of seats outside and they’re all covered by their awning. The staff is very nice and professional and the food was delicious. Omg, this omelet was huge! And perfectly cooked. It was soft and oozing with cheese – a perfect meal to kickstart a day of sightseeing.

Coffee - Le Rostand

Palais du Luxembourg
Palais du Luxembourg. This beautiful is the seat of the French Senate. Wow, what a great work location! And it’s in the Jardin du Luxembourg which is a picturesque setting.