Breakfast plate – Dolce Sitges

Breakfast plate - Dolce Sitges
Spanish tortilla, Iberico ham, sausage, scrambled eggs, hazelnuts, cheese, toast, orange juice, coffee.
Dolce Sitges, Sitges ES

The breakfast buffet at Dolce Sitges was pretty kick-ass! This was only one plate I ate, but they definitely had much more to offer. We were unapologetic about loading up on breakfast before heading out for a day of sightseeing, hehe. We paid for it, right? And I felt like we would burn off the calories anyway. One downside to eating SO much breakfast was that I missed out on some food opportunities while touring simply because was still full. #touristproblems πŸ™‚

Iberico ham legs
Iberico ham legs. This was a first! I’d never seen carving stations like this before where you can order as much ham as you want and the attendant will carve it directly off the leg. Now that’s what I call “cut-to-order”!


7 thoughts on “Breakfast plate – Dolce Sitges

  1. Used to live on a farm where the men would butcher hogs every winter. I would cook for them, sometimes up to 50 people, and then they would bring in the pork for me to take care of. The hams would be salt cured for a few days, then rinsed off and hung in the smoke house until just before Easter, when a fire was built of hickory and sassafras wood, and the hams were smoked for 48 hours, then brought in 2 for us. I would soak one overnight to get the excess salt out, then bake it for Easter dinner. Really great memories with that photo.

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