Ham and gruyere croissant – Coffee Mission

Ham and gruyere croissant - Coffee Mission
Coffee Mission, San Francisco CA

This croissant was really good (and big!). I loved the flaky, buttery croissant and the yummy ham and cheese filling.


Chicken fried steak and eggs – Orphan Andy’s

Chicken fried steak and eggs - Orphan Andy's
With country pork gravy, eggs over medium. $13.95
Orphan Andy’s, San Francisco CA

Why do I keep staying out SO late that I always end up here – lol! Another night, another usual order of chicken fried steak and gravy. Mmm… I’m not even sorry, lol!

Biscuits and gravy - Orphan Andy's
Served with biscuits and gravy.

Slurp ramen – Slurp Noodle Bar

Slurp ramen - Slurp Noodle Bar
Pork chashu, sous-vide egg, kikurage, chives, nori, scallions, corn, roasted garlic, bacon-tonkatsu broth. $13.95
Slurp Noodle Bar, San Francisco CA

This ramen was good, and decently priced. I liked the sous-vide egg, but I wish there was more chashu. I really enjoyed the complimentary kimchi and chips though.

Kimchi and chips - Slurp Noodle Bar
Kimchi and chips. Complimentary

Mini cheeseburger with egg – Super Duper Burgers

Mini cheeseburger with egg - Super Duper Burgers
One 4 ounce patty, ground daily all natural Niman Ranch beef. “Everything on it” with lettuce, tomato, red onions, Super sauce, and cheese. $7.75
Super Duper Burgers, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love these messy, lil’ cheeseburgers! They’re so flavorful and the patties are always nicely grilled. The fried egg on top is always really good too.