Spicy fried chicken sandwich – The Bird

Spicy fried chicken sandwich - The Bird
Celery-Fiji apple slaw, mayo, pickle, bun. $8
The Bird, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I’m still loving this chicken sandwich even after The Bird has been open for a while. The fried chicken thigh is so juicy, tender, and flavorful so I’m sure I’m not going to get tired of it any time soon!


Chilled tomato basil soup – The Beauty Shop Restaurant

Chilled tomato basil soup - The Beauty Shop Restaurant
Cup $5
The Beauty Shop Restaurant, Memphis TN

This chilled soup was REALLY good! It had a wonderful tomato basil flavor, and I loved its thick consistency. Yum! This was very refreshing to eat on a warm day.

Lorina French blood orange drink - The Beauty Shop Restaurant
Lorina French blood orange drink.

Peabody Old Fashioned – Lobby Bar at The Peabody

Peabody Old Fashioned - Lobby Bar at The Peabody
Crushed orange and cherry served with “Peabody Select” Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, soda. $15
Lobby Bar at The Peabody, Memphis TN

I came to The Peabody to see the march of The Peabody ducks, hehe! I know it’s super cheesy, but I love this kind of stuff. I must say that it was kind of a cool experience. The build up was much cooler than the march itself, but it was nice to relax at The Lobby bar while waiting.