Campanelle with braised hen – Barzotto

Campanelle with braised hen - Barzotto
Radish, sichmi togarashi. $15
Barzotto, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this pasta was really tasty. I liked that there wasn’t a lot of different toppings so you could really enjoy the flavors. The braised hen was very tender and the pasta was cooked perfectly.


Popcorn and beer – Memphis Riverboats

Popcorn and beer - Memphis Riverboats
Ghost River Gold golden ale and buttery popcorn.
Memphis Riverboats, Memphis TN

This was a nice little snack to have during the riverboat tour. The popcorn was really salty so it was good to have the Ghost River beer to wash it down with.

The mac-cheese burger – Tacker’s Shake Shack

The mac-cheese burger - Tacker's Shake Shack
Grandma’s homemade macaroni and cheese with bacon. Served with tater tots. Single $7.59
Tacker’s Shake Shack, Marion AR

I liked the idea of this burger, but the beef patty was overcooked and dry. I did like the macaroni and cheese though, and everything is better with bacon! I only ate half of the burger though, but all of the tater tots, hehe.