Chicken tikka masala – North India

Chicken tikka masala - North India
Barbecued boneless white meat sauteed with herbs, spices and tomatoes. $12.95
North India, San Francisco CA

This tikka masala was good. It had a rich flavor and the chicken was tender so it made for a tasty lunch.

Lunch buffet – North India

Lunch buffet - North India
Veggie, pakora, veggie samosa, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, chana masala, gajar muttar, naan. $13.99
North India, San Francisco CA

I really liked the large buffet selection at North India. They had a great variety and had dishes that you don’t normally see for lunch buffets. However, the service was really awkward and made for an uncomfortable lunch. They just need to back off a little bit.