New England style clam chowder – The Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant

New England style clam chowder - The Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant
Mmm, creamy clam chowder! This bowl of chowder tasted great and had a wonderfully thick consistency, noms! $7
The Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant, San Francisco CA

The Beach Chalet storefront
The Beach Chalet storefront, Golden Gate Park.

Boston clam chowder – Fishermen’s Grotto

Boston clam chowder - Fishermen's Grotto
Cream based chowder served with oyster crackers. Cup $7.50
Fishermen’s Grotto, San Francisco CA

I was skeptical of this restaurant located smack down in the middle of touristy Fisherman’s Wharf, but the food was great! The service was cheesy especially with their outdated uniforms, but very friendly. And the people-watching can’t be beat, lol! This chowder tasted great and had a nice creamy texture.

Sourdough bread - Fishermen's Grotto
Fresh sourdough bread. Complimentary

Yellow yarrow flowers
Yellow yarrow flowers (Achillea millefolium, Asteraceae), West Field Road.

Cajun jambalaya pasta – Fork Cafe

Cajun jambalaya pasta - Fork Cafe
Chorizo, grilled onion, pappardelle noodles, bacon, tomatoes in a Cajun cream sauce. $12.95
Fork Cafe, San Francisco CA

This tasted yummy, probably because it was so rich and bad for you! Pappardelle is one of my favorite pastas, but I wasn’t expecting the chorizo to be in meatball form. They still had a lot of flavor and the texture was good.

Cooked squid in Chinatown
Cooked squid in Chinatown.

She crab soup – Henry’s House

She crab soup - Henry's House
This thick, rich and creamy soup was pretty good but definitely on the salty side. I’d have to say that I prefer Anson’s version more; it has more finesse and depth of flavor. Henry’s she crab soup is more homey and rustic. Cup $4.95
Henry’s House, Charleston SC

Daughters of the Confederacy Museum
Daughters of the Confederacy Museum. This historic building sits on the corner of Market Street and Meeting Street at the western end off covered market area. One of these days I’ll finally take the tour, hehe!

Cream yogurt sherbet – The French Laundry

Cream yogurt sherbet - The French Laundry
Toasted oats, pomegranate, Oxalis and Osmanthus “nuage”. Chef’s Tasting Menu $270
The French Laundry, Yountville CA

Cream yogurt sherbet - The French Laundry
Ah, this was SO refreshing! I really liked the cream yogurt sherbet with the tart pomegranate arils and the crunchy oats. I don’t know what Osmanthus is supposed to taste like, but the “cloud” was cute enough.

Cream yogurt sherbet - The French Laundry
All done!

She crab soup – Anson Restaurant

She crab soup - Anson Restaurant
Laced with golden sherry. $8
Anson Restaurant, Charleston SC

Noms! I’ve had the she crab soup twice at Anson and it’s absolutely amazing. There are other versions made in Charleston that are much heavier and thicker which I don’t like as much. Anson’s soup is rich and flavorful but doesn’t sit in your stomach like a pound of bricks. Its consistency is perfect and the creamy crab flavor rocks!

Confederate Battle Memorial, Washington Park

Confederate Battle Memorial in Washington Park. This is a quaint park that’s perfect for sitting on a bench and relaxing while people walk about and take wedding photos.