“Seven Layers of Heaven” pork belly – Anson Restaurant

"Seven Layers of Heaven" pork belly - Anson Restaurant
Spicy BBQ glaze, house ground grits, fried field peas, brussels sprouts leaves, maple jus. $12
Anson Restaurant, Charleston SC

Omg, this was SO frickin’ good! Not only was it plated beautifully, the pork belly and all the components were super delicious! One of the best appetizers I’ve had in a while! Noms!

The Willow Salon mural, Liberty Street
The Willow Salon mural, Liberty Street. This cute mural is on the side of the building. You don’t come across many random murals in Charleston so I’m glad that The Willow Salon has this one.


She crab soup – Anson Restaurant

She crab soup - Anson Restaurant
Laced with golden sherry. $8
Anson Restaurant, Charleston SC

Noms! I’ve had the she crab soup twice at Anson and it’s absolutely amazing. There are other versions made in Charleston that are much heavier and thicker which I don’t like as much. Anson’s soup is rich and flavorful but doesn’t sit in your stomach like a pound of bricks. Its consistency is perfect and the creamy crab flavor rocks!

Confederate Battle Memorial, Washington Park

Confederate Battle Memorial in Washington Park. This is a quaint park that’s perfect for sitting on a bench and relaxing while people walk about and take wedding photos.

Cocktails – Anson Restaurant

Manhattan Project cocktail - Anson Restaurant

Manhattan Project – Bulleit rye whiskey, maraschino liquer, bitters. $12

Charleston Punch cocktail - Anson Restaurant

Charleston Punch – Myers rum, grand marnier, orange juice. $11
Anson Restaurant, Charleston SC

Love the bartenders at Anson. They’re super friendly and their drinks are always neatly made and delicious. The Manhattan Project is killer and the Charleston Punch is sweet and refreshing.

Pineapple Fountain, Charleston Waterfront Park

Pineapple Fountain at the Charleston Waterfront Park. The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality in the low country. Perhaps it’s the botanist in me, but this fountain is one of my favorites among the MANY fountains I’ve seen in my lifetime. It’s not overly large, but it’s elegant, dramatic, and beautiful!