Basil tilapia – Basil Thai Restaurant

Basil tilapia - Basil Thai Restaurant
Lightly floured, deep fried tilapia fillets, topped with vegetables, stir-fry sauce, side of carrots, cabbage, and lettuce. $16.95
Basil Thai Restaurant, Charleston SC

Mmm, this was very tasty! Having traveled through Thailand, I think I can say that this wasn’t authentic Thai food, but it certainly had a lot of flavor and was nicely prepared.

View from the Rooftop Bar at the Vendue Inn

View from the Rooftop Bar at the Vendue Inn. You can see Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church in the distance.

Charleston shrimp – McCrady’s Restaurant

Charleston shrimp - McCrady's Restaurant
Heirloom cauliflower, field peas and pole beans, vegetable and saffron emulsion foam, sorrel. 4 course dinner $60
McCrady’s Restaurant, Charleston SC

Charleston shrimp - McCrady's Restaurant
I’m used to having shrimp and grits when I visit Charleston, but this was a nice change. The shrimp were beautifully cooked, and I was surprised at how much I liked the vegetables underneath. While this dish could have veered toward the heavy side, the individual flavors remained delicate and unmuddled. I will say that the dish as a whole was on the salty side. I think the sauce underneath could have been the culprit. 😦

Dining tables opposite bar - McCrady's Restaurant
Dining tables opposite the bar. These tables are in a sort of alcove which provides a little privacy.

Dry fried chicken wings – San Tung Restaurant

Dry fried chicken wings - San Tung Restaurant
Original dry dried chicken wings in their “wet” version smothered in a special sauce with mushrooms and carrots. Served with steamed rice and soup of the day. Lunch special $7
San Tung Restaurant, San Francisco

Dry fried chicken wings - San Tung Restaurant
Mmm, these fried chicken wings were delicious! I kinda wish I ordered them “dry”, but I couldn’t resist the sticky sweet sauce of their “wet” version. This is one of their most popular dishes and now I know why! The wings are sizable, perfectly fried, and oh so flavorful.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010, 2012, 2013

Eggflower soup - San Tung Restaurant
Eggflower soup with mushroom and peas.

Chinese kimchi - San Tung Restaurant
Chinese kimchi. Complimentary
Every table gets a dish of this spicy kim chee to snack on before ordering.

Fortune cookie - San Tung Restaurant
Fortune cookie and bill. My fortune reads, “You will have many friends when you need them.” Now that’s a great fortune! And an even better bill! Less than eight bucks for ALL that food!

Peas and peas – Pizzeria Delfina

Peas and peas - Pizzeria Delfina
Pea pods, shelled peas, pea shoots and tendrils with guanciale (unsmoked Italian bacon) and cippoline onions. $9
Pizzeria Delfina, San Francisco CA

This is a simple dish and was absolutely delicious! I loved all the different pea parts and the guanciale added a great rich flavor. Noms!

Tree shadows on red and blue walls
Tree shadows on red and blue walls, Guerrero Street. Some houses in San Francisco are painted in vibrant colors like these. It makes for interesting and beautiful strolls.

Chicken lettuce wrap – Jun Ming Xuan

Chicken lettuce wrap - Jun Ming Xuan
Chopped chicken with corn, carrot, peas, celery and crispy noodles served with lettuce cups. £7.80
Jun Ming Xuan Chinese Restaurant, London ENGLAND

Chicken lettuce wrap - Jun Ming Xuan
A delicious bite topped with hoisin sauce. This dish tasted fresh and bright, and I appreciated the similarly sized cuts of all the ingredients in the chicken filling. Mmm!

K2 red telephone boxes, Broad Street, Covent Garden
K2 red telephone boxes, Broad Street, Covent Garden. These iconic telephone kiosks designed by Gilbert Scott are SO cute! I think it’s standard for any tourist of London to have their photo taken inside one of these British telephone booths.

Fish and chips – The Lord Moon of the Mall

Fish and chips - The Lord Moon of the Mall
Battered fillet of sustainable cod, chips, tartare sauce and garden peas. £5.99
The Lord Moon of the Mall, London ENGLAND

Who says British food is gross and flavorless?! I HAD to try their fish and chips and it tasted great! The fish was nicely fried and the batter had a good flavour (hehe). The fries were crisp on the outside and pillowy on the insde and I definitely prefer garden peas to mushy peas.

The Lord Moon of the Mall dining room
Perhaps this painting is of the Lord Moon of the Mall? Lol, prolly not but the dining area is quite cozy and busy! So there aren’t any servers that come to your table to take your food order. You have to go to the bar to order and then expeditors bring out your food when it’s ready.

The Lord Moon of the Mall interior
I love the high ceiling and large windows in the dining room. This was our first full day in London and the weather was horrible – it was cold and rainy!

Big Ben, Elizabeth Tower, Palace of Westminster

Big Ben, Elizabeth Tower, Palace of Westminster. It was a gloomy day but that didn’t prevent us from walking around London like crazy people trying to fit everything in. It’s pretty amazing how ornately decorated this Clock Tower is.

Traditional Cornish steak pasty – The Harlequin Alehouse & Eatery

Traditional Cornish steak pasty - The Harlequin Alehouse & Eatery
Served with minted mushy peas. £4.25
The Harlequin Alehouse & Eatery, London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

Traditional Cornish steak pasty - The Harlequin Alehouse & Eatery
When in Rome, erm I mean London! I would say that these two food items, a pasty and mushy peas, are pretty traditional British foods so I had to order them. I wasn’t impressed, but it was airport food. The minted mushy peas weren’t very good at all, or perhaps I just don’t have a taste for them. The mint flavor was overpowering and synthetic tasting. I couldn’t finish the small serving of it! The pasty tasted ok, but I didn’t really like the thick dry dough. The inside was mostly potatoes with some beef mixed in. Not a lot of flavor, but I’m glad I tried the two.

Braised beef and mashed potatoes – Virgin Atlantic

Braised beef and mashed potatoes - Virgin Atlantic
With peas and carrots, caesar salad and a roll with Land O’Lakes “Fresh Buttery Taste Spread”. Complimentary.
San Francisco (SFO) to London (LHR), Virgin Atlantic

Braised beef and mashed potatoes - Virgin Atlantic
It’s always fun to go on a long international flight to see what the airlines are serving these days since we all know that the domestic flights don’t provide much (especially in coach, lol). I’ll have to admit that I was impressed. The beef wasn’t overly salty and the rest did its job and got me full enough to sleep for a bit.

Chicken shepherd’s pie – Cafe Flore

Chicken shepherd's pie - Cafe Flore
Chunks of chicken, English peas, carrots, house made mashed potatoes, chopped parsley. $8.95
Cafe Flore, San Francisco

This was ok. The filling was on the salty side and the mashed potatoes were a little bland. I guess we ordered this to soak up some of the alcohol we had consumed during Sunday Funday, lol!

SF Giants Tiger graffiti mural, 15th Street

SF Giants Tiger graffiti mural, 15th Street. I love the composition and colors in this artwork. It’s sinister and cute at the same time.

Lamb keema omelet – Dosa

Project 365: Day 118

Wow, morning traffic in London is crazy! It took us a while to get to London Heathrow Airport with D driving. It seemed like got on 10 different highways and all of them crammed with cars. I was super tired so I kept falling in and out of sleep.

The direct flight back to San Francisco wasn’t too bad although Hubbs and I were in different rows. He sat directly in front of me. I had this annoying Russian girl beside me and a pleasant older couple on the other side. I ended up watching 3 movies and trying to nap a little bit.

Now I’m back in my sunny apartment and SO excited to be sleeping in my own bed tonight. I have to head into work tomorrow but that doesn’t seem to bad right now. David and I are having a Cinco de Sonoma weekend so I’ve got something to look forward to, yay!

Lamb keema omelet Dosa
South India omelet filled with minced lamb, peas and diced potatoes. Served with coconut and tomato chutney, sambar (a lentil dipping soup made with vegetables and spices), masala (a traditional filling of spiced mashed potatoes), and salad. $12
Dosa, San Francisco CA

I came here alone for brunch and totally over-ordered. I had this and a paper masala dosa – way too much food! This omelet was really good though! It had a soft texture and the filling was absolutely delicious. I also love all the extra sauces and toppings.

The Mint Karaoke Lounge, Market Street
The Mint Karaoke Lounge, Market Street. I love this karaoke bar! I’m not a big singer – CORRECTION: I love to sing but don’t have the most melodious voice (hehe). This is a great place to start or end an evening out with a group of friends. Beware of the professional karaoke folk, but I guess you’ll find some at every karaoke joint.

Spicy ma po tofu – Xiao Long Bao Kitchen

Spicy ma po tofu Xiao Long Bao Kitchen

Tofu cubes with carrots and peas in a chili sauce. $6.95
Xiao Long Bao Kitchen, South San Francisco CA

Omg, this wasn’t spicy AT ALL! I was so disapointed! And because they lined the container with some kind of fragrant leaf, everything started tasting like it. Yuck, I didn’t like the smell of that leaf and the resulting aftertaste in the food. This dish sucked!

Chicken curry lunch special – Punjab Kabab House

Chicken curry lunch special Punjab Kabab House

Chicken korma with basmati rice and mixed vegetables in a medium spicy sauce, served with naan bread.
Punjab Kebab House, San Francisco

I get it, this lunch special is super affordable and you get a LOT of food and table service, but I wasn’t all that impress with the food itself. I did enjoy that the chicken had the bones in because it always has so much more flavor that way. I think that this is worth a try for the great deal and service, but with all the food options in that area I personally won’t be returning for seconds.

Chicken curry lunch special Punjab Kabab House

I wasn’t a huge fan of the peas and carrots side. It was too sweet for my taste.

Naan Punjab Kabab House

Naan. White flour leavened bread. The piece that they give you is fairly large. I could only finish about half during the meal.

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