Grilled calamari stuffed with spanish chorizo – Alicante

Grilled calamari stuffed with spanish chorizo - Alicante
Fried parsley and capers. $6
Alicante, Palm Springs CA

I don’t think I’ve ever had calamari presented quite like this. Usually when I’ve had stuffed calamari it’s served whole and you cut it yourself, but these were already prechopped into small pieces. They were pretty small and prefect as finger food, but then you had to fiddle with the individual capers.

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park.

Grilled steak and chorizo empanada – Canela

Grilled steak and chorizo empanada - Canela
This empanada was decent but I couldn’t get over the weird mayonnaise-y(?) mystery salad that came with it. It was sour and kinda fizzy and it grossed me out! I think the empanada would’ve worked better just with the mixed greens. Tapa $8
Canela, San Francisco CA

Pier 14 entrance

Pier 14 entrance, The Embarcadero.

Velvet nachos – Velvet Cantina

Velvet nachos - Velvet Cantina
With chorizo, house made tortilla chips, chile con queso, black beans, sour cream, and guacamole. $12.78
Velvet Cantina, San Francisco CA

Omg, this was SO frickin’ wrong in the best way possible! You knew this plate was bad for you once it arrived, but it tasted so good that you couldn’t stop from eating the entire thing, lol. The chile con queso was warm and melted and just coated the tortilla chips perfectly. The chorizo was an added dose of unhealthy, but it too tasted heavenly to omit. I think my heart is constricting again just decribing this plate, lol!

Cupid's Span
Cupid’s Span and the Bay Bridge.

Japanese omelet “tomago” – Chambers Eat + Drink

Japanese omelet tomago - Chambers Eat + Drink
House smoked chorizo, sweet potato, cana de oveja, scallions. $12
Chambers Eat and Drink, San Francisco CA

The individual components of this plates were great, but it wasn’t cohesive. The fried cana de oveja cheese was my favorite part of this dish, I just wish everything had come together successfully.

Young Banksia spikes
Young Banksia spikes (Proteaceae), West Field Road.

Chorizo burrito – Purple Palm Restaurant

Chorizo burrito - Purple Palm Restaurant
Flour tortilla, salsa verde, manchego, potato, scrambled eggs. $15
Purple Palm Restaurant, Palm Springs CA

This was not worth fifteen bucks! The scrambled egg filling with chorizo tasted fine, but it took SO long to get this to our table that it was cold and unappetizing when it arrived. The salsa verde sauce on the bottom of the plate was gross and congealed and would attach in chunks to the bottom of the breakfast burrito. Ew!

Shrimp and grits – Matchbox Palm Springs

Shrimp and grits - Matchbox Palm Springs
Tillamook cheddar grits, chorizo butter. $12
Matchbox Palm Springs, Palm Springs CA

Having eaten many versions of shrimp and grits in the South, I was NOT impressed by this at all. The grits were too congealed, the shrimp were overcooked (burnt actually), and the chorizo sauce was WAY too salty. Ugh, I couldn’t even finish it. 😦

Mixed conifers
Mixed conifers, Mt. San Jacinto hike.

The Mission scramble – Crepevine

The Mission scramble - Crepevine
Chicken chorizo, eggs, scallions, peppers and jack cheese on a bed of black bean chili topped with salsa fresca, avocado and sour cream. Served with house potatoes and whole wheat toast. $9.95
Crepevine, San Francisco CA

This definitely filled me up. The scramble actually comes as a breakfast burrito, but I requested it not wrapped in a flour tortilla. I don’t need the extra carbs, hehe!

Chorizo sausage scramble – Portage Bay Cafe

Chorizo sausage scramble - Portage Bay Cafe
House-made chorizo sauasage, organic bell peppers and tomatoes scrambled with three eggs and topped with queso fresco, sour cream, homemade slasa and fresh green onion. Served with a warmed flour tortilla instead of toast. $14
Portage Bay Cafe, Seattle WA

This place was packed with a line out the door! Thank goodness we had reservations. I don’t completely agree why this place is super popular though. I get that they use fresh, mostly healthy ingredients but their preparations aren’t anything special. I expected a little bit more considering their shear popularity. The food was good, but I thought it was overpriced for what it was. And the service was random and slow at times.

Coffee - Portage Bay Cafe

Pike Place Public Market sign
Pike Place Public Market sign at the corner of Pine and Pike.

Seafood – Tinto

Merluza en salsa verde - Tinto
Merluza En Salsa Verde: sea bass, cockles, salsa verde. Summer prix-fixe menu $38
Tinto, Palm Springs CA

The sea bass had a light and fluffy texture but it was definitely on the salty side. The cockles were ok but the sauce was too starchy and pretty much set while we were eating, gross! They didn’t have much flavor, but then my tastebuds were fried from the salty sea bass.

Moules Basquaise - Tinto
Moules Basquaise: mussels, chorizo, sauce basquaise, french fries.
I wasn’t expecting this. The mussels were shell-less, and they tasted really sour especially when paired with the salty fries. Part of the fun was lost because there were no shells to dig through. And the sauce tasted suspiciously like chili – odd.

Jumbo Rocks campground, Joshua Tree National Park
Jumbo Rocks campground, Joshua Tree National Park.

Huevos rancheros – Circa 59

Huevos rancheros - Circa 59
Over medium eggs, corn tortilla, chorizo, chili verde, avocado. $14
Circa 59, Palm Springs CA

I guess Circa 59 tried to make a fancy version of huevos rancheros, but I was not impressed. The eggs came out fried and not over medium, the tortillas were super greasy and had a weird gummy texture, and the chorizo was WAY too salty. Lame! This was a brunch I wish I could take back.

Sequin artwork, Riviera Resort
Sequin artwork, Riviera Resort. I have no clue who this is supposed to be, hehe!