Seafood – Tinto

Merluza en salsa verde - Tinto
Merluza En Salsa Verde: sea bass, cockles, salsa verde. Summer prix-fixe menu $38
Tinto, Palm Springs CA

The sea bass had a light and fluffy texture but it was definitely on the salty side. The cockles were ok but the sauce was too starchy and pretty much set while we were eating, gross! They didn’t have much flavor, but then my tastebuds were fried from the salty sea bass.

Moules Basquaise - Tinto
Moules Basquaise: mussels, chorizo, sauce basquaise, french fries.
I wasn’t expecting this. The mussels were shell-less, and they tasted really sour especially when paired with the salty fries. Part of the fun was lost because there were no shells to dig through. And the sauce tasted suspiciously like chili – odd.

Jumbo Rocks campground, Joshua Tree National Park
Jumbo Rocks campground, Joshua Tree National Park.