Cherry Glen Farms goat cheese salad – Jardenea

Cherry Glen Farms goat cheese salad - Jardenea
Shaved beets and baby arugula, marcona almonds, orange blossom honey vinaigrette. Happy hour $5
Jardenea, Washington DC

I loved the flavors in this salad, but I thought the greens were overdressed and in a pool of dressing underneath. The beets and goat cheese combination worked perfectly though and the marcona almonds were a nice addition.

Cabernet sauvignon - Jardenea
Cabernet sauvignon. Happy hour $5

Maryland Inn
Maryland Inn, Annapolis MD.

Shrimp burger – Proof

Shrimp burger - Proof
Jalapeno, shaved cucumber, cilantro, pickled daikon and carrots. Lunch set $14
Proof, Washington DC

I really liked this shrimp burger. The shrimp patty was delicious and I liked its firm texture. The Asian flavors were great. I also liked how their lunch deal comes with a glass of wine!

Red wine - Proof
Red wine.

US Botanic Garden Conservatory replica
US Botanic Garden Conservatory replica.

Pan con tomate – Vinoteca

Pan con tomate - Vinoteca
Chorizo de revilla, manchego. Happy hour $7
Vinoteca, Washington DC

Mmm, I love this basic tapa but I love it even more with cheese and chorizo on top! This place was great and the bartender was friendly and on top of service.

Venta Morales tempranillo - Vinoteca
Venta Morales tempranillo. Happy hour $5
Ew, this wasn’t very good.

Luther Place Memorial Church, Thomas Circle
Luther Place Memorial Church, Thomas Circle.

Cheeseboard – Pizzetta 211

Cheeseboard - Pizzetta 211
Served with melon, walnuts, olives, and bread. $8.50
Pizzetta 211, San Francisco CA

Wow, I was surprised by the amount of cheese you got with this reasonably priced cheeseboard. I forget what they were, but they were delicious, especially the silky blue cheese. Noms!

Red wine - Pizzetta 211
2012 Clos la Coutale, Cahors, Malbec, Southwest, France. $7
2011 Cristom, Mt. Jefferson Cuvee, Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon. $9.50

California Palace of the Legion of Honor
California Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Fried gator – Boxing Room

Fried gator - Boxing Room
Creole remoulade, lemon. $13
Boxing Room, San Francisco CA

I thought maybe the alligator would be tough and dry, but it really wasn’t. The breading was delicious and it was fried perfectly. I’m not sure that I could really taste and describe the gator apart from the breading and frying oil, but the whole thing tasted great to me.

Red wine - Boxing Room
Gamay Noir, Champier Buissonnate, Beaujolais Villages, France. 2012. Glass $11.50
Cabernet Franc, Filliatreau Grande Vignolle, Saumur Champigny, France 2011. Glass $10

Fried gator - Boxing Room
March 25, 2015. $14

Sidewalk stencil
Sidewalk stencil.

Sparkling and red wine tasting – Gloria Ferrer Winery

Sparkling and red wine tasting - Gloria Ferrer Winery
Gloria Ferrer Winery, Sonoma CA

I usually enjoy my visits to Gloria Ferrer, but during my last visit the annoying idiot girls working the hostess desk were ridiculous! Gloria Ferrer really needs to reevaluate who they hired to represent their brand and be the first people they encounter when walking in. I was tempted to write a scathing Yelp review right then and there! Bad service is bad service and there’s no excuse for it!

Gloria Ferrer Winery
Gloria Ferrer Winery.

House made chicken liver pate – Starbelly

House made chicken liver pate - Starbelly
Buttered bread, sweet onion marmalade, grain mustard. $11
Starbelly, San Francisco CA

This pate was good. I liked the texture of it and the onion marmalade was great. I have a love/hate relationship with Starbelly though because the service and food is so damn inconsistent. I would say more so the service, but I’ve also had some horrible dishes here too.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2014

Malbec red wine - Starbelly
Malbec red wine.

Graffiti mural, Mission
Graffiti mural, Mission.