Crispy fried chicken sandwich – Marlowe

Crispy fried chicken sandwich - Marlowe
Caesar aioli, bacon and field greens. $15
Marlowe, San Francisco CA

I thought the chicken sandwich was delicious, but the side salad was WAY over-dressed! The chicken tasted great and was perfectly fried, but it was the caesar aioli that really got my attention. This made for a great lunch! 🙂

7×7 Magazine’s Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die

Abstract urban art, Market Street
Abstract urban art, Market Street.

Crispy brussels sprout chips – Marlowe

Crispy brussels sprout chips - Marlowe
Lemon and sea salt. $9
Marlowe, San Francisco CA

These were tasty, but I will say that after a while they got pretty greasy. I was by myself and I felt kind of sick eating most of the bowl. Once the chips cooled down, the grease just seemed to seep out from everywhere. Yuck!

7×7 Magazine’s Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die

Dreaming man urban art, Soma
Dreaming man urban art, Soma.

Duo of ahi tuna – Marlowe

Duo of ahi tuna - Marlowe
Carpaccio and conserva, English cucumber remoulade, apples, olive and anise hyssop. $14
Marlowe, San Francisco CA

I liked this dish, but the tuna conserva got a little bit lost perhaps because there was little of it. The tuna carpaccio was definitely the main star of this dish but all the components were very good. And oh what a delicious dish it was. Noms!

Warm deviled eggs – Marlowe

Warm deviled eggs - Marlowe
Aged provolone, pickled jalapeno and bacon. Each $2.50
Marlowe, San Francisco CA

These little bites were delicious, but actually not as good as the ones at their sister restaurant Park Tavern. They had a lot of flavor, but they weren’t as refined. They’re definitely better than most deviled eggs out there though!

Monastrell red wine - Marlowe
Monastrell, Juan Gil, Jumilla, Spain 2011. Carafe $22