Mimosas – Mission Beach Cafe

Mimosas - Mission Beach Cafe

Orange-pomegranate (above) and pomegranate-grapefruit (below). Huge $12 each
Mission Beach Cafe, San Francisco CA

Mmm, these things were definitely huge and gave me quite the buzz after brunch was over. Gotta love Sunday Fundays!

16th Street Bart Station, The Mission
16th Street Bart Station, The Mission. I love the colorful Hispanic style decorations on the fences along the station.

Mimosa – Crave

Mimosa - Crave

Mmm, mimosa time! Mimosas always indicate weekend brunch to me, and I’ll never turn one down. Here’s to the weekend! Two for $5 with brunch entree
Crave, Mount Pleasant SC

15-star "Star Spangled Banner" American flag, Fort Moultrie
15-star “Star Spangled Banner” American flag, Fort Moultrie. They changed the flag from 13 to 15 stars with the addition of Vermont and Kentucky to the Union.

Brut rose & Sonoma brut late release – Gloria Ferrer Winery

Brut rose & Sonoma brut late release - Gloria Ferrer Winery
2007 Brut Rose – “Vibrant flavors of wild strawberry, rosehips, and crisp blood orange character.” 92% Pinot Noir/ 8% Chardonnay. Equally delicious with shellfish, crab, roasted chicken, sushi, or Indian/Thai cuisine. $9
Sonoma Brut Late Release – “With five more years on the cork this wine has developed into a more mature flavor profile.” 87% Pinot Noir/ 13% Chardonnay. Floral notes of honeysuckle, baked apple delicate hazelnut and honey on the palate. Delicious with shellfish, roasted fowl or sushi, or pair with triple creme cheese and fruit compote. $6
Gloria Ferrer Winery, Sonoma CA

Mmm, another delicious couple glasses of California sparkling wines! Very bright and fresh tasting. Be careful with the complimentary almonds though. They’ll make you keep going back for more wine, lol!

Gloria Ferrer patio
Gloria Ferrer patio. You order your sparkling wines and snacks at the inside counter, grab a table (preferrably on the patio), and they bring out your flutes as they’re ready. Very relaxing and easy.

Anniversary cuvee & Va de vi – Gloria Ferrer Winery

Anniversary cuvee & Va de vi - Gloria Ferrer Winery

Anniversary Cuvee – “A versatile accompaniment to a wide variety of appetizers from fresh seafoof to specialty cheeses.” 100% Chardonnary. Flavors of apple, baked Asian pear, vanilla and brioche. Bright citrus notes of Meyer lemon. $8
Va De Vi – “A classic sparkling wine blend with just a trace of Muscat that is dry, but not too dry.” 89% Pinot Noir/ 8% Chardonnary/ 3% Muscat. Versatile accompaniment with spicy cuisine, as well as fruit based desserts. Enjoy luscious flavors of perfectly ripened fruite that is revealed in a long, soft finish. $5
Gloria Ferrer Winery, Sonoma CA

Served with roasted almonds. I always love stopping by Gloria Ferrer whenever I visit Sonoma because their sparkling wines are delicious and perfectly priced. It always amazes me how differently these bubbly wines taste when sampling different ones consecutively.

Gloria Ferrer patio view
View from the Gloria Ferrer patio looking towards Highway 121. This winery isn’t too far from the highway so the views aren’t amazing, but their patio is great to hang out in if you can get a seat! This place is very popular.

Mimosa – Farley Bar

Mimosa - Farley Bar

Sparkling wine with fresh squeezed orange juice. $10
Farley Bar, Sausalito CA

We decided to have a quick Sonoma weekend trip and stopped to have brunch at Farley Bar on the drive up. The food and drinks were really good, but one of the waitresses spilled drinks for the table next to us and totally stained by white deck shoes. I was SO annoyed but decided not to let it ruin my experience. She apologized to the other table, but didn’t mention anything to me. RUDE!

Cavallo Point field, Sausalito
Overlooking the field at Cavallo Point with the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay in the background. The setting at Farley Bar is nice and relaxing!

Cocktails – The Glass Onion

Blenheim Julep - The Glass Onion

Blenheim Julep – Makers Mark bourbon, lemon, mint, and spicy Blenheim ginger ale. $7

Classic champagne cocktail - The Glass Onion

Classic Champagne Cocktail – Bubbly and bitters, brown sugar cube. $7
The Glass Onion, Charleston SC

Mmm, these cocktails were yummy and pretty cheap as cocktails go. The Blenheim Julep was fruity and refreshing and the Classic Champagne Cocktail was bright and bubbly. Perfect when combined with a delicious meal.

Charleston Waterfront Park
View of Charleston Waterfront Park from Charleston Harbor. I love the row of Sabal Palmetto trees lining the waterfront pathway.

Extra courses – The French Laundry

Project 365: Day 125

Another ho-hum day at work, not much to report. Had a good workout at the gym then grabbed an early dinner with CT at Barracuda. Wow, they have a pretty good happy hour. We didn’t have any drinks but their food specials were great and SUPER cheap! I think we got more than enough food for only $13.

Omg, I highly recommend knowing an insider or anyone connected with the restaurant if you’re going to dine at The French Laundry. You’ll not only get the exceptional service and outstanding food that the restaurant is known for, but chances are the kitchen will also throw a few extra bites your way!

It was difficult remembering what everything was since they weren’t on the menu, but I’ve done my best in recollecting. Please correct me if I’ve gotten anything wrong.
The French Laundry, Yountville CA

Salmon tartare The French Laundry
Salmon tartare cone with seaweed sesame tuile, chives.

Gougere The French Laundry
Warm gougere. Choux pastry with cheese Mournay.

Soup with shaved truffle The French Laundry
Soup with shaved truffle and Oxalis(?) blossoms.

Truffled Guinea egg custard The French Laundry
Truffled Guinea egg custard with potato chive wafer.

Gaston Chiquet, Blanc de Blancs d'Ay Champagne
Gaston Chiquet, Blanc de Blancs d’Ay Champagne. Also free, thanks to Olivia’s restaurant connections.

It was my friend Olivia’s (foodie insider friend) 30th birthday and she was able to secure this amazing reservation at The French Laundry. I was definitely honored to be one of her guests and overjoyed that the experience was as amazing as I imagined it would be. The dinner lasted 5 hours and we literally closed the place down! Thanks, Olivia!

Cocktails – Roux Louisiana Kitchen

Ruby Celebration martini Roux Louisiana Kitchen
Ruby Celebration martini – Absolut ruby red vodka, cranberry juice, splash of champagne, garnished with lemon wedge. $12

Creole Bloody Mary Roux Louisiana Kitchen
Creole Bloody Mary – Karlsson’s Gold vodka, Roux’s Cajun Bloody Mary mix, garnished with olives and lemon wedge. $14

Creole Bloody Mary Roux Louisiana Kitchen

Roux Louisiana Kitchen, San Jose CA

These cocktails were weak! The martini tasted ok, but the bloody mary was not at all spicy. Lame restaurant, lame drinks!

The Pattern by Isaac Goes
The Pattern by Isaac Goes, San Jose “Downtown Doors” Project. I like that San Jose has this public art project showcasing works from local artist.

Bottomless mimosa – Jones

Bottomless mimosa Jones

Orange juice and J. Roget sparkling wine. $13
Jones, San Francisco CA

This was from my brunch with Olivia a while back. God, I love Sunday brunches involving bottomless mimosas. We were eating at the bar so we had quick and easy access to additional pours, lol!

The Mission Dolores

The Mission Dolores before sunset. I love the pinkish purple hue of the sky – amazing! I was walking to the gym from the 16th Street Bart Station after work when I saw this happening. I quickly ran across the street and took the picture while trying to avoid getting run over.

Breakfast cocktails – Cheeky’s

Spicy bloody mary Cheeky's

Spicy bloody mary garnished with pickled vegetables and lemon. $8
Cheeky’s, Palm Springs CA

Wow, this drink was a meal! I loved the boot-shaped glass that it came in and they give you plenty of pickled veggies.

Blood orange mimosa Cheeky's

Fresh blood orange mimosa. $11
I loved the color of this mimosa. I just wish that it has a more intense blood orange flavor. It tasted a little bland.

Bottomless brunch buffet – Ironside

Project 365: Day 53

This was NOT the best weekend for me. I drank and ate WAY too much, lol! Sunday morning, I was still feeling the effects of the previous night’s merriment. We went to brunch at Ironside for MB2’s extended 40th birthday celebration. They have an all you can eat brunch buffet and bottomless mimosas. Need I say more? It was great to celebrate with MB2 and some of his friends – they were all really great guys. So we pretty much close the place down and drink way too many mimosas, and decide that we should continue drinking in the Castro. Smart, right? LOL! We have a great time, and Silverfox and I are smart enough to cut out early before things get too messy. We grab a small bite at Cafe Flore then head home to turn in early. I was exhausted, fell asleep and totally missed The Emmy Awards broadcast. Oh well.

Brunch buffet Ironside

Round 1 plate with scrambled eggs with cheese, chipotle-garlic breakfast potatoes, bacon, house made spicy sausage, fried sweet plantains, ceviche, biscuits and gravy. They also have a bunch of other options! All you can eat, $16
Ironside, San Francisco

Bottomless peach mimosas Ironside

Bottomless peach mimosas. $10
Trouble, trouble, trouble! We drank A LOT!!!

Ironside upstairs

We closed this place down! Besides one small table downstairs, we pretty much drank all their mimosas and were the last people to leave. Oh dear!