The Big Unit cocktail – Hi Tops

The Big Unit cocktail - Hi Tops

Tito’s tequila, lemon, elderflower, champagne. $10
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

Meh, I’m kinda tired of the specialty cocktails at Hi Tops. The ingredients usually sound great, but somehow the actual cocktails are usually a letdown. This cocktail was too tart and had no body, ugh!

Bike rack sidewalk stencil
Bike rack sidewalk stencil, The Mission.

Mimosas – Cafe Chloe

Mimosas - Cafe Chloe

Pomegranate and lavendar-lemon. Each $8.75
Cafe Chloe, San Diego CA

This was a very cute brunch location with great service and awesome food. These mimosas were tasty and well balanced. It was nice to sit outside and enjoy the warm morning.

Cafe Chloe sign
Cafe Chloe sign.

Red Cymbidium orchid flowers
Red Cymbidium orchid flowers (Orchidaceae), Balboa Park Botanical Building.

Mimosa – Circa 59

Mimosa - Circa 59
Standard bloody mary. $7
Circa 59, Palm Springs CA

I’ve already expressed my extreme disappointment of this restaurant so I don’t have to say too much more. This restaurant sadly relies heavily on the posh hotel and hip clientele and has placed little to no importance on the actual food or service.

Circa 59 tables
Notice the empty water glasses at the table during this hot, sunny day. We were stranded at our table without a server in sight. After sweating for a while, we were finally able to flag down a manager to get us some water.

Sequin artwork, Riviera Resort
Sequin artwork, Riviera Resort.

Mimosas – Mission Beach Cafe

Mimosas - Mission Beach Cafe

Orange-pomegranate (above) and pomegranate-grapefruit (below). Huge $12 each
Mission Beach Cafe, San Francisco CA

Mmm, these things were definitely huge and gave me quite the buzz after brunch was over. Gotta love Sunday Fundays!

16th Street Bart Station, The Mission
16th Street Bart Station, The Mission. I love the colorful Hispanic style decorations on the fences along the station.

Mimosa – Crave

Mimosa - Crave

Mmm, mimosa time! Mimosas always indicate weekend brunch to me, and I’ll never turn one down. Here’s to the weekend! Two for $5 with brunch entree
Crave, Mount Pleasant SC

15-star "Star Spangled Banner" American flag, Fort Moultrie
15-star “Star Spangled Banner” American flag, Fort Moultrie. They changed the flag from 13 to 15 stars with the addition of Vermont and Kentucky to the Union.