Chicken adobo – Patio Filipino

Chicken adobo Patio Filipino

Braised chicken in soy sauce, vinegar and garlic with fried plantains. $11.95
Patio Filipino, San Bruno CA

I loved this version of chicken adobo! It tasted rich and flavorful and I love the additional of the fried plantains. SO yummy! The chicken was super tender and you have to spoon all that delicious sauce over your rice. Noms!

Steamed rice Patio Filipino

Steamed rice. $1.75 per person

Romaine Asian salad – Mercury Lounge

Romaine Asian salad Mercury Lounge

Romaine lettuce, carrots, cilantro with sesame soy vinaigrette. Part of Chef’s tasting menu. $25 per person
Mercury Lounge, San Francisco

Kind of plain and simple, but the sesame soy vinaigrette kept it light and fresh. Perhaps it was a little overdressed, too. There was definitely a lot of it!

Cilantro fish fillet rice noodle rolls – Grand Palace Restaurant

Cilantro fish fillet rice noodle rolls Grand Palace Restaurant

Fried fish fillet and cilantro wrapped in a sheet of rice noodle and topped with more chopped cilantro and sweet soy sauce. $3.95
Grand Palace Restaurant, South San Francisco

I really liked this dish! I was surprised that you could actually distinguish the fish fillet inside. I assumed they would chop the fish into little pieces, but the fillets were whole and intact! The rice noodles were steamed perfectly and I loved their texture. Put cilantro on anything and it’s usually good! I’ve never understood why some people can’t stand the taste of cilantro – they’re missing out.

Stuffed jalapenos – Hahn’s Hibachi

Stuffed jalapenos Hahn's Hibachi

Fresh jalapenos stuffed with marinated steak and tempura fried.  Garnished with parsley and served with soy based dipping sauce.  $9.95
Hahn’s Hibachi, San Francisco

Omg, I love this appetizer!  The combination of the salty beef stuffed inside the jalapeno, the hot crispy tempura outside, and the salty sour dipping sauce is absolutely delicious!  You get quite a few, which is good because $9.95 is a bit high for an appetizer at a casual place like this.  These are worth it!

Hot and sour soup – Xiao Long Bao Kitchen

Hot and sour soup Xiao Long Bao Kitchen

Noms, this soup was SO good!  Hot and sour soup is one of my personal favorites, and this one was especially flavorful.  It also had a great kick to it.  They definitely didn’t skimp on the ingredients like some other Chinese Restaurants trying to save a buck.  This was the soup of the day that came with a combination meal that my friend and I ordered.  The meal was very affordable and we got SO much food.  Definitely going back to this place for the delicious food! 2 person lunch combo $14.95
Xiao Long Bao Kitchen, South San Francisco

BBQ pork ramen – Katana-Ya

BBQ pork ramen Katana-Ya

Ramen in a soy broth with 4 pieces of BBQ pork, bamboo shoots, seaweed, and scallions.  $11
Katana-Ya, San Francisco

This char siu ramen is on the 7×7 Big Eat List 2011, but frankly, I wasn’t impressed.  Perhaps I’m just not a ramen expert, but the I didn’t find anything exceptional about it.  My favorite part was the bamboo shoots and the pork was pretty tender, but I think the soup was too rich for my taste.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010, 2011, 2012

Miso glazed sea bass – Andalu

Miso glazed sea bass Andalu
Bite sized pieces of grilled sea bass served in lettuce cups with sweet soy and black sesame seeds.
Andalu, San Francisco

The miso glaze and sweet soy were wonderfully delicious in this dish.  Unfortunately, the sea bass was overcooked so it was on the hard and dry side.  Otherwise, Andalu serves up another simple and delicious dish!