Katsu curry don – Katana-Ya

Katsu curry don - Katana-Ya
Served with rice and side salad. $11.95
Katana-Ya, San Francisco CA

The pork katsu was pretty tasty (on the verge of being over-fried perhaps), but I thought there would be more curry. The restaurant is really shady though.

Super spicy roll – Katana-Ya

Super spicy roll Katana-Ya

Spicy tuna and cucumber roll topped with more chili sauce, sesame and green onions.  $6.50
Katana-Ya, San Francisco

Why are “spicy” rolls never really that spicy at Japanese restaurants?  This roll was more sweet than spicy to me.  I think it had some good flavors but lacked the spice.  C’mon guys, gimme some heat!

BBQ pork ramen – Katana-Ya

BBQ pork ramen Katana-Ya

Ramen in a soy broth with 4 pieces of BBQ pork, bamboo shoots, seaweed, and scallions.  $11
Katana-Ya, San Francisco

This char siu ramen is on the 7×7 Big Eat List 2011, but frankly, I wasn’t impressed.  Perhaps I’m just not a ramen expert, but the I didn’t find anything exceptional about it.  My favorite part was the bamboo shoots and the pork was pretty tender, but I think the soup was too rich for my taste.

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