Miso glazed sea bass – Andalu

Miso glazed sea bass Andalu
Bite sized pieces of grilled sea bass served in lettuce cups with sweet soy and black sesame seeds.
Andalu, San Francisco

The miso glaze and sweet soy were wonderfully delicious in this dish.  Unfortunately, the sea bass was overcooked so it was on the hard and dry side.  Otherwise, Andalu serves up another simple and delicious dish!

Beet and arugula salad – Andalu

Beet arugula salad Andalu
Lightly dressed in a champagne vinaigrette, this simple beet and arugula salad has sliced red onions and is topped with ricotta salata.
Andalu, San Francisco

To me, beets and arugula are a perfect match.  The peppery greens are balanced by the sweet flavor and smooth texture of the beets.  The mellow ricotta salata was a great addition.  I’m not a huge salad fan, but you can’t go wrong with a simple, delicious preparation.

Beef carpaccio – Andalu

Beef carpaccio Andalu

Thinly sliced and pounded beef with lemon aioli.  Salad of mushrooms, parmesan and arugula.  Sprinkled with fried capers.  $8.50
Andalu, San Francisco

I would have never thought growing up that I would like raw beef SO much, but beef carpaccio changed my mind.  It’s simple nature allows you to truly enjoy the tender beef, and restaurants make it their own by topping it with creative ingredients and flavor combinations.  I like Andalu’s version. The lemon aioli keeps it bright as does the slices of raw mushrooms in the arugula salad.  The fried caper berries add some saltiness and a great texture.  I’m a fan!

Sangria Andalu
They also have 1/2 off carafes of sangria on Thursday nights!