Fried chicken po-boy – Starbelly

Fried chicken po-boy - Starbelly
Jalapano and radicchio slaw, sesame bun, served with French fries. $10
Starbelly, San Francisco CA

I liked the idea of this po’boy sandwich and I think that it’s a great value, but the chicken was over-fried and dry. Ew! Even the slaw and ketchup couldn’t save it. :(  At least the fries were good.

Movies at Dolores Park
Sparkling rose during movies at Dolores Park.

Crispy duck salad – Hakkasan

Crispy duck salad - Hakkasan
Fried duck with glaze, pomelo, pine nut, shallot, micro greens, pomegranate seeds, fried lotus. $28
Hakkasan, San Francisco CA

Wow, this salad was amazing! But I’m still slightly reeling from the price tag for a lunch time salad though. Pretty steep, but worth it. The duck was melt-in-your-mouth tender and super juicy. It was nice and fatty and oh so flavorful. All the ingredients worked well together and created a very playful and fun dish. I would totally order this again, but maybe after a few days of just eating ramen to offset the cost. :)

Crispy duck salad - Hakkasan
7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2014

Fernet Julep cocktail - Hakkasan
Fernet Julep: Buffalo Trace bourbon, Fernet Jelinek, mint, ginger juice and spiced port infusion. $12

Mushroom cheeseburger – Firewood Cafe

Mushroom cheeseburger - Firewood Cafe
Sauteed mushroom, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, served with French fries. $11.50
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco International Airport(SFO)

I liked this burger too! The patty was a little on the done side for my taste, but it was still tasty overall. The mushrooms were plump and juicy and the fries were killer.

Gate in Terminal 2
Gate in Terminal 2.

Spicy catfish lunch special – Banana House

Spicy catfish lunch special - Banana House
Sauteed crispy catfish in spicy chili paste, with beans and basil. Served with brown rice and salad. $13
Banana House, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was pretty tasty! I liked that it was actually spicy too! I’m sure it was packed with sodium, but it still had a distinct catfish flavor and it was delicious. The portion could have been a bit larger but it was still good overall.

Vegetable soup - Banana House
Vegetable soup. Complimentary

Lamb gyro sandwich – Halal Cart

Lamb gyro sandwich - Halal Cart
I really do love gyros. I have weird cravings for them every once and a while. I love the meat at Halal Cart, a popular lunch spot on Market Street. It’s juicy and flavorful (and probably super fatty) and just kind of melts in your mouth. I also love their squeeze bottles of hot sauce that you can douse your food with. I don’t like that they use styrofoam. Did they not know we’re in San Francisco? Sheesh! $7
Halal Cart, San Francisco CA

Yerba Buena Park
Yerba Buena Park.

Wood oven roasted Peking duck – Butterfly Restaurant

Wood oven roasted Peking duck - Butterfly Restaurant
Seared duck breast, duck leg confit crepes, hoisin cream sauce, sprouts and mandarin sections. $29
Butterfly Restaurant, San Francisco CA

This duck had a great smoky flavor from the wood oven. It was moist and tender and perfect with the hoisin cream sauce. The skin and fat layer were especially delicious, and the confit duck leg crepes were an added bonus!

Humpback whale mural, Pier 39
Humpback whale mural, Pier 39.