Hama Hama oysters – Eureka Restaurant and Lounge

Hama Hama oysters - Eureka Restaurant and Lounge
Happy hour $1 each
Eureka Restaurant & Lounge, San Francisco CA

The texture was REALLY off on these oysters. They were definitely not fresh. Ugh! In all honesty these oysters tasted like crap which sucked because we ordered a dozen. I don’t know how old they were but they should NOT have served them!

Eureka Manhattan - Eureka Restaurant and Lounge
Eureka Manhattan: Bulleit bourbon, Cinzano red, and Angostura bitters. Happy hour $7

Special breakfast sandwich – Devil’s Teeth Baking Company

Special breakfast sandwich - Devil's Teeth Baking Company
Buttermilk biscuit, 2 scrambled eggs, lemon garlic aioli, pepper jack cheese, avocado, bacon. $6.75
Devil’s Teeth Baking Company, San Francisco CA

I love a place where you can relax and have a long conversation with friends without being bothered by work. When the register lady is doing that with the customer in front of you, not so much. Crappy, loud, annoying service always makes your food taste bad.

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