Creme caramel – Foreign Cinema

Creme caramel - Foreign Cinema
Strawberry-ginger compote, caramel cake crumble. $9
Foreign Cinema, San Francisco CA

I’m not a big dessert person, but I can appreciate a delicious, simple sweet treat. And that’s exactly was this was. It wasn’t too fancy or had a ton of superfluous decorations. It was just simple and yummy.

Chicken mole super nachos – Zapata Mexican Grill

Chicken mole super nachos - Zapata Mexican Grill
Chicken mole, refried beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. $10.95
Zapata Mexican Grill, San Francisco CA

I’m a bit weird in that I like my nachos super saucy so that’s why I often choose the simmering meats for my nachos. Chicken mole is always a good bet because its so flavorful and the mole is great at softening the tortilla chips.

Oysters on the half shell – Anchor Oyster Bar

Oysters on the half shell - Anchor Oyster Bar
Marin miyagi (large) and British Columbia kusshi (small) served with cocktail sauce and mignonette. Each $2.75
Anchor Oyster Bar, San Francisco CA

Anchor Oyster is such a great neighborhood seafood restaurant! The place is super small and they don’t take reservations so you just place your name of the list and wait for the next table. These oyster were expertly shucked, fresh and delicious!

Hoegaarden draft beer - Anchor Oyster Bar
Hoegaarden draft beer. $5

Boca sandwich – Deli Board

Boca sandwich - Deli Board
Brisket, pastrami brisket, corned beef, muenster cheese, Board sauce, brown mustard, pickles, French roll. $15
Deli Board, San Francisco CA

Omg, I’m not even a sandwich fan but this Boca sandwich was a revelation! Three types of meat with cheese and delicious sauces – you can’t beat that! This sandwich was loaded and it knocked my socks off. NOMS!

Boca sandwich - Deli Board
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