Holey smokes sandwich – The Cowboy Way BBQ

Holey smokes sandwich - The Cowboy Way BBQ
Brisket slow cooked with red oak and hickory, with Cowboy BBQ sauce, served on a fresh roll, side of Southwest macaroni salad. $11.95
The Cowboy Way BBQ, Palm Springs CA

OMG, I’ve found my go-to BBQ place in Palm Springs! The food here was amazing and very reasonably priced. The brisket was tender and smokey and the BBQ sauce was delicious. The light, spongy roll reminiscent of sliced white bread worked perfectly in this sandwich. The macaroni salad was unique, but I actually liked it. NOMS!

BBQ sauces - The Cowboy Way BBQ

BBQ sauces atop faux cowhide tablecloth (cute!).

Diet Coke - The Cowboy Way BBQ

Diet Coke. $2.50

Mac ‘n’ cheese – Gorilla Barbeque

Mac 'n' cheese - Gorilla Barbeque
Medium $3
Gorilla Barbeque, Pacifica CA

I wish this mac ‘n cheese was more gooey and cheesy, but it still had a lot of flavor. I liked that they used larger, ribbed pasta.

Cornbread - Gorilla Barbeque
Cornbread. $1.50

Yellow banana slug
Yellow banana slug, Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

Times Square sandwich – Giovanni Pastrami

Times Square sandwich - Giovanni Pastrami
Double Decker! 1/2 pound of gourmet bacon and turkey breast with avocado, tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise on toasted sourdough. Served with macaroni salad. $16
Giovanni Pastrami, Honolulu HI

Another gigantic sandwich from Giovanni Pastrami. This one was less creative with the ingredients, but it still hit the stop. Actually, it more than hit the spot – it sat in my stomach for a long while afterward, hehe.

Fort DeRussy Beach Park
Fort DeRussy Beach Park.

Chelsea’s Treat sandwich – Giovanni Pastrami

Chelsea's Treat sandwich - Giovanni Pastrami
Double Decker! 1/2 pound of hot corned beef and pastrami with Swiss cheese, tomato and Russian dressing on rye bread. Served with macaroni salad. $16
Giovanni Pastrami, Honolulu HI

Geez, this sandwich was large! I love corned beef and pastrami so I was in heaven. I don’t think I really needed the macaroni salad, but I ate it for good measure, lol!

Sound box - Giovanni Pastrami

Sound box. We needed this to listen to an SF Giants baseball game! 🙂

Ala Wai Canal
Ala Wai Canal from Ala Moana Boulevard.

Mixed plate – Rainbow Drive-In

Mixed plate - Rainbow Drive-In
BBQ beef, fried boneless chicken, fried mahi mahi, rice and coleslaw. $7.75
Rainbow Drive-In, Honolulu HI

This tasted great, but the fish and chicken were a little greasy. The breading they use on the chicken tasted amazing though – SO much flavor! I also liked the slaw becuase it was on the sweet and vinegary side.

Diet Coke - Rainbow Drive-In

Diet Coke. Regular $1.40

Rainbow Drive-In
This place is very popular and always has a line in front. Overall, I thought the food was pretty tasty and very affordable!

Loco moco plate – Rainbow Drive-In

Loco moco plate - Rainbow Drive-In
2 eggs over easy, 2 beef patties, brown gravy, rice and macaroni salad. $7
Rainbow Drive-In, Honolulu HI

This loco moco was delicious, and cheap! The macaroni salad was perfect and hit the spot. I was surprised that this was less heavy than the loco moco we get on the mainland. Noms!

Slush - Rainbow Drive-In

Slush. $1.75
This was a little too sweet for me, but I like the consistency of it.

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach with Diamondhead in the background.