Mixed plate – Rainbow Drive-In

Mixed plate - Rainbow Drive-In
BBQ beef, fried boneless chicken, fried mahi mahi, rice and coleslaw. $7.75
Rainbow Drive-In, Honolulu HI

This tasted great, but the fish and chicken were a little greasy. The breading they use on the chicken tasted amazing though – SO much flavor! I also liked the slaw becuase it was on the sweet and vinegary side.

Diet Coke - Rainbow Drive-In

Diet Coke. Regular $1.40

Rainbow Drive-In
This place is very popular and always has a line in front. Overall, I thought the food was pretty tasty and very affordable!

Loco moco plate – Rainbow Drive-In

Loco moco plate - Rainbow Drive-In
2 eggs over easy, 2 beef patties, brown gravy, rice and macaroni salad. $7
Rainbow Drive-In, Honolulu HI

This loco moco was delicious, and cheap! The macaroni salad was perfect and hit the spot. I was surprised that this was less heavy than the loco moco we get on the mainland. Noms!

Slush - Rainbow Drive-In

Slush. $1.75
This was a little too sweet for me, but I like the consistency of it.

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach with Diamondhead in the background.