Fried mac ‘n cheese – Fork Cafe

Fried mac 'n cheese - Fork Cafe
Two macaroni and cheese squares dipped in breadcrumbs and fried to a golden brown. Served with sliced cherry tomatoes and a sweet dipping sauce. $8.95
Fork Cafe, San Francisco CA

Mmm, fried mac and cheese! How can you go wrong? These were beautifully fried and tasted great. The dipping sauce was a little too sweet for me, but that’s a minor detail. I will say, however, that I thought the price point was a bit high for this kind of dish and the portion size. It was delicious though!

Andean silver-leaf sage (Salvia discolor, Lamiaceae)

Andean silver-leaf sage (Salvia discolor, Lamiaceae), Divisadero Street. I love the dark purple, almost black flowers of this herbaceous perennial that are constrasted by the light silvery leaves.

4 thoughts on “Fried mac ‘n cheese – Fork Cafe

  1. Fried macaroni and cheese?? I’m sold!! This looks delicious. Mac n cheese is one of my all time favourites but we make it only once in a while since we are trying to eat healthier.

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