Noodle soup #10 – Pho Big Bowl

Noodle soup #10 - Pho Big Bowl
Pho tai chin nam. Eye round steak, brisket and well-done flank, served with thai basil, bean sprouts, jalapeno and lemon. Medium $5.75
Pho Big Bowl, Seattle WA

Soup additions - Pho Big Bowl
There’s something very comforting about pho. The rich beef broth is usually so flavorful and completely warms your body. Mix in a little heat, sour, and umami and you have a winning combination! Mmm.

Seattle rain aftermath
Seattle rain aftermath, Ballard.

Chicken lettuce wraps – Lulu California Bistro

Chicken lettuce wraps - Lulu California Bistro
Minced chicken, water chestnut, crispy noodles, and sprouts served with lettuce wraps. Happy hour $7.49
Lulu California Bistro, Palm Springs CA

This wasn’t the best chicken lettuce wrap I’ve ever had. In fact, it was just marginal. But the price was great and the fun, hip atmosphere at Lulu helps to make up for the mediocre food.

Driving towards Morongo Valley
Driving towards Morongo Valley, Twentynine Palms Highway.

Bun cha cio – Little Saigon

Bun cha cio - Little Saigon
Imperial rolls (deep fried stuffed with minced pork, taro root and carrot) with rice noodles. Served with shredded lettuce, carrot, mint, bean sprouts, green onions, peanut, and house fish sauce. $6.75
Little Saigon, South San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love Vietnamese imperial rolls! I enjoy the crispy, almost hard texture of its fried wrapper and the salty fish sauce that it always comes with. Almost as good as lumpia, hehe.

South San Francisco Bart Station artwork
Artwork at the South San Francisco Bart Station.

Goi cuon – Zadin

Goi cuon - Zadin
Summer rolls. Steamed shrimp and pork, rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, red leaf lettuce, cilantro and mint wrapped in rice paper served with peanut sauce. $8.50
Zadin, San Francisco CA

Being the little piggy that I am, I enjoyed that these summer rolls came with both shrimp and pork inside! In gnereal, I’d also have to say that I was impressed with all their sauces. Go Zadin!

Marble stairs, US Customhouse
Marble stairs, US Customhouse, Battery Street.

Pad thai – Pad Thai Restaurant

Pad thai - Pad Thai Restaurant
Stir fried rice sticker noodles with shrimp, egg, fried tofu, scallion, ground peanut and bean sprouts. $8.50
Pad Thai Restaurant, San Francisco CA

This restaurant’s pad thai always has a lot of flavor, but sometimes it can be on the dry side. This time around, the shrimp and eggs were overcooked. Ugh!

Hens-and-chicks (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae)
Red tipped hens-and-chicks (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae), Divisadero Street.

Pho do bien – Hometown Noodle 2

Pho do bien - Hometown Noodle 2
Seafood noodle soup with prawns, fish balls, and squid, accompanied with a plate of bean sprouts, basil leaves, lime wedge, and sliced jalapenos. Large $7.95
Hometown Noodle 2, San Bruno CA

This tasted pretty good, but they were definitely skimpy with the seafood. You got two pieces of each if you count that the fish balls were cut in half. Meh.

Purple blazing star flowers (Liatris spicata, Asteraceae)

Purple blazing star or prairie gay feather flowers (Liatris spicata, Asteraceae), West Field Road. It’s always interesting to post flower pics on this blog because that’s usually when I find out what the actual names are. I can usually get them to at least the family level before I have to do additional research, but there are just way too many ornamentals out there! 🙂