Pad thai – Pad Thai Restaurant

Pad thai - Pad Thai Restaurant
Stir fried rice sticker noodles with shrimp, egg, fried tofu, scallion, ground peanut and bean sprouts. $8.50
Pad Thai Restaurant, San Francisco CA

This restaurant’s pad thai always has a lot of flavor, but sometimes it can be on the dry side. This time around, the shrimp and eggs were overcooked. Ugh!

Hens-and-chicks (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae)
Red tipped hens-and-chicks (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae), Divisadero Street.

Pho do bien – Hometown Noodle 2

Pho do bien - Hometown Noodle 2
Seafood noodle soup with prawns, fish balls, and squid, accompanied with a plate of bean sprouts, basil leaves, lime wedge, and sliced jalapenos. Large $7.95
Hometown Noodle 2, San Bruno CA

This tasted pretty good, but they were definitely skimpy with the seafood. You got two pieces of each if you count that the fish balls were cut in half. Meh.

Purple blazing star flowers (Liatris spicata, Asteraceae)

Purple blazing star or prairie gay feather flowers (Liatris spicata, Asteraceae), West Field Road. It’s always interesting to post flower pics on this blog because that’s usually when I find out what the actual names are. I can usually get them to at least the family level before I have to do additional research, but there are just way too many ornamentals out there! 🙂

Prawn spring rolls – Siam Saigon

Project 365: Day 126

Only worked a half day today so I could go to the dentist and get my teeth cleaned. I’m kind of annoyed with them because they thought I was a different person and had pulled the wrong records and even greeted me as the other person. Shouldn’t they know who I am when I make the appointment!? Gonna have to keep my eye on them from now on!

Prawn spring rolls - Siam Saigon
Fresh wrap in rice paper with bean sprout, mint, carrot, cilantro, lettuce and vermicelli noodles served with peanut sauce and hoisin sauce. $7
Siam Saigon, San Francisco CA

Prawn spring rolls - Siam Saigon
This tasted great. The shrimp was good (not old or grainy) and the other ingredients were fresh and clean. There’s not much shrimp in the rolls, but the flavors were there. Their peanut sauce is on the thick, creamy side and I like that they also give you the hoisin sauce as an alternative.

Spicy pork stone pot rice – Mom’s Tofu House

Project 365: Day 98

This is the penultimate day of my work trip in Charleston, yay! I fly back to San Francisco tomorrow morning. I’ve suggested to my co-instructor that we have a final dinner together to celebrate the end of the course. I think I’ll take him to The Glass Onion. I’ve been there before and the food is great and reasonably priced. They also have a varied selection so I’m sure that he’ll find something that he likes.

It’s been great teaching with him. He’s definitely nice enough and easy to talk to. He was mostly a hotel hermit though, but I didn’t mind since that allowed me to use the rental car whenever I wanted. Hehe!

Spicy pork stone pot rice Mom's Tofu House

Rice topped with assorted vegetables and dried seaweed in hot stoneware with spicy pork, served with a fried egg. $11.99
Mom’s Tofu House, South San Francisco CA

Banchan Mom's Tofu House

Banchan. Complimentary

Tofu stone pot rice – Mom’s Tofu House

Project 365: Day 99

I’m SO glad to be back home!!! I’ve missed my bed. I’ve missed my dog. I’ve even missed the work office. And I’ve missed Silverfox! We’re going to have dinner tonight at Starbelly. I’m looking forward to eating a wonderfully delicious, California-cooked meal. I have to go into work tomorrow (Friday) and them I’ll have an entire weekend to relax and do nothing. Just sit around and enjoy being home.

Tofu stone pot rice Mom's Tofu House

Rice topped with assorted vegetables and dried seaweed in hot stoneware with fresh tofu, served with a raw egg add right before eating. $11.99
Mom’s Tofu House, South San Francisco CA

Miso soup Mom's Tofu House

Miso soup. Complimentary

Tea Mom's Tofu House

Tea. Complimentary

Shrimp spring rolls – Hometown Noodle 2

Project 365: Day 77

Roseau, Dominica! The exclamation point means “get me out of here!” No joke, this place was super scary and the people were NOT friendly. I had 2 breakfasts this morning, one at Oceanview Cafe and the other at AquaSpa Cafe. Then we were stupid enough to go explore Roseau by ourselves instead of doing an excursion elsewhere on the island. The town was pretty dirty and some of the people were scary and mean. We walked around town just checking the non-existent sites, looked for a bookstore, visited Our Lady of Fair Haven Cathedral, had a Jamaican beef patty at Patty Shack, then ran back to the ship. We tried to decompress in the solarium while eating food from the AquaSpa Cafe and the Pool/Mast Grill. We then attended the 70’s T-Dance, had drinks at the Martini Bar, had a couple’s dinner at the main dining room, watch Mario Cantone, then went to the Oceanview Cafe for ice cream.

Shrimp spring rolls Hometown Noodle 2

2 large rolls with boiled shrimp, lettuce, bean sprouts and rice noodle are wrapped in thin rice sheets. Served with house special peanut sauce. $5.25
Hometown Noodle 2, San Bruno CA

Green tea Hometown Noodle 2

Green tea. Complimentary.

Mouth watering chicken – Mission Chinese Food

Mouth watering chicken Mission Chinese Food

Cold poached chicken breast, seared chicken hearts, szechuan pepper, bean sprouts, and cilantro. $7
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco

This was a very interesting dish. I’m not sure that it was my favorite, but it was definitely packed with flavor. That’s always a given at Mission Chinese Food. This is a cold dish, but I found that I preferred it warmed up a little bit. Maybe that’s because the cold chicken hearts had an odd texture and flavor that I didn’t like very much. The texture and flavor were less noticeable when warmed. The chicken was super tender and the whole dish made my mouth tingle!

BBQ pork – Hahn’s Hibachi

BBQ pork Hahn's Hibachi

“Thin sliced pork, marinated and sizzled on the grill.  If it ain’t sizzled it just ain’t right!  A tasty favorite here at Hahn’s!  Our pork fans go crazy over this dish.  Used by Pork Phobic Group Therapy facilitators to show those folks that have an irrational fear of pork that pork is good, pork is friendly, and pork is tasty!  Nice Pork!”  Served with steamed rice, fresh cucumber salad, kim chee and sprouts.  $10.50
Hahn’s Hibachi, San Francisco

Although the menu description is a bit ridiculous, this huge pile of meat is pretty tasty!  I have no idea what the brown sauce is that they ladle on top of the bbq pork, but it’s pretty good.  I guess you can’t go wrong with gravy.  I also love the pickled cucumbers that comes with the dish.  The pork is sliced pretty thin so it’s very tender and has a great smokey flavor.  When you see this on the menu, don’t expect it cooked bulgogi-style!