Noona’s hush puppies – Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe

Noona's hush puppies - Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe
Cornmeal fritters served with even more butter! $2.49
Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe, San Francisco CA

I normally LOVE hush puppies, but these were dense and SUPER greasy, argh! Damn you spiteful gods – I wanted to enjoy these fried, artery-clogging pillows smothered in butter! Instead, I could barely finish one.

Evergreen garland with lights
Fresh cedar and Douglas fir evergreen garland with lights, 24th Street.

3 piece dark fried chicken meal – Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe

3 piece dark fried chicken meal - Queen's Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe
Two thighs and a drumstick fried chicken value meal with French fries. $5.99
Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe, San Francisco CA

Hmm, after hearing so many rave reviews about this place I was sadly disappointed by the quality of their food. The fried chicken were SUPER greasy making them unpleasant to eat. The fries were also soggy and flavorless.

Hen-and-chicks plants (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae)

Hen-and-chicks plants (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae), Dolores Street.

Fried shrimp po boy – Jestine’s Kitchen

Fried shrimp po boy - Jestine's Kitchen
Breaded and fried shrimp with mixed greens and tomatoes on a toasted roll. Served with cole slaw and fried okra. $8.95
Jestine’s Kitchen, Charleston SC

Mmm, this was SO much food for nine bucks! The shrimp were tasty and the sandwich was too large for me to finish, especially with the colesalw and fried okra. I ended up foregoing the bread midway through and just ate the center. I definitely gained a few pounds during this trip!

Cole slaw and macaroni and cheese - Jestine's Kitchen
I also got a side of macaroni and cheese ($2.50) because I can’t deny the little fatty in me, lol! It was delicious!

Fort Moultrie, Sullivan's Island
View of Fort Moultrie from the visitor center, Sullivan’s Island. I took a little tour of this cute fort during a free weekend. It was really cool to learn more about the history of the Charleston area.

Basket of corn bread – Jestine’s Kitchen

Basket of corn bread - Jestine's Kitchen
With honey butter. $1.95
Jestine’s Kitchen, Charleston SC

Corn bread - Jestine's Kitchen
I’m not sure if it was the actual corn bread or the honey butter that made these SO good, but they were irresistible! I could have eaten the entire basket all by myself!

Sweet homemade pickles - Jestine's Kitchen
Sweet homemade pickles. Complimentary. I’d rather have these free, delicious pickles than free dinner rolls any day!

United States Custom House, East Bay Street

United States Custom House, East Bay Street. Construction of this building first started in 1853 and was finally completed in 1879.

Fried catfish combo – Roux Louisiana Kitchen

Project 365: Day 39

Drove down to San Jose today to have brunch with a couple of Silverfox’s friends. I was super excited to go since I never go there and I’d get to try new restaurants, but the place we went to totally bombed. The service was horrific (SO slow) and the food was mediocre. We shopped around Santana Row and Westfield Mall afterward and I was able to buy a few t-shirts so the trip wasn’t a complete bust!

Omg, can’t wait for the Grammy’s tonight! Actually I have to head into work but I’m recording it on DVR. I still am a little in shock that Whitney Houston died yesterday! I know she was a complete mess at the end, but she was SO beautiful and SO talented. What happened to her was an utter tragedy. We watched her sing the national anthem on Youtube a couple times this morning and she was spectacular. She hit every perfect note SO effortlessly and she looked fresh and full of life. I’m saddened by her loss. I told Silverfox that this hits me more than the loss of Michael Jackson (or Heath Ledger actually). I grew up with her songs and enjoyed listening to her amazing voice. She was a bright light in the lives of so many people and she will be missed.

Fried catfish combo Roux Louisiana Kitchen

Cornmeal crusted, fried catfish with macaroni and cheese and a biscuit. $13
Roux Louisiana Kitchen, San Jose CA

The catfish fillet was really large, but it wasn’t all that good. The crust was a little greasy and it didn’t have a lot of flavor. I had to drown in it Crystal’s hot sauce! The biscuit was also dense and lackluster. It was a disappointment after the cornbread. I liked the macaroni and cheese but it was also very greasy. I know that mac ‘n cheese can sometimes be greasy, but this was out of control. You could see the bread crumb topping just dripping with it, gross!

Cornbread Roux Louisiana Kitchen

Cornbread with honey butter. Complimentary. This was one of few yummy items and it was quite large!

Fried shrimp po’boy – Brenda’s French Soul Food

Fried shrimp po' boy Brenda's French Soul Food

Cornmeal fried shrimp with lettuce, tomatoes and chipotle remoulade on a toasted French roll. Served with coleslaw and pickled watermelon. $9.75
Brenda’s French Soul Food, San Francisco

This sandwich was SO good! The shrimp were cooked perfectly and the chipotle remoulade tasted amazing. You can put that sauce over anything and it would taste good. This meal was very rich and fattening but it’s nice for an occasional treat. I definitely wouldn’t be eating this every day!

The restaurant is super popular so if you’re going during lunch, you better arrive early otherwise you’ll be waiting for a while. They’ve expanded their dining room but every table gets filled. I had to sit at the front counter the last time I went. I don’t mind that sort of thing, especially for lunch and the people next to me were friendly enough and unobtrusive.

Coleslaw Brenda's French Soul Food

Coleslaw of cabbage, carrots and red cabbage. Love that it’s not so mayonnaise! It’s nice and on the lighter side.

Pickled watermelon rinds Brenda's French Soul Food

Pickled watermelon rinds. Yummy!

Watermelon tea Brenda's French Soul Food

Sweet watermelon house tea. $2.25
So frickin’ refreshing!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010, 2011

Castro Quarter gumbo – Criolla Kitchen

Castro Quarter gumbo Criolla Kitchen

Andouille sausage, gulf shrimp, chicken, holy-trinity (onion, carrots and celery), okra and dark roux, served with Louisiana long grain rice. $11.90
Criolla Kitchen, San Francisco

This dish was just ok. It lacked the depth of flavor that I look for in a delicious gumbo, and there could also have been more of the proteins present. It was more soupy than gumbo. You definitely get a lot of it though, and the price is very reasonable.