Cornmeal crusted fish tacos – Starbelly

Cornmeal crusted fish tacos - Starbelly
House pickled jalapeno and radicchio slaw, mixed greens salad with goat cheese and tomatoes, pickled jalapenos, limes. $9
Starbelly, San Francisco CA

I loved the texture of the fish, but they were difficult to taste among all the other ingredients. They were nicely cooked though and not greasy at all. The salad was actually my favorite part. The tomatoes and goat cheese were delicious!

Dahlia flowers (Dahlia sp., Asteraceae)
Yellow, magenta and peach dahlia flowers (Dahlia sp., Asteraceae), Noe Street. Not many houses in my neighborhood have front yards, and while this one is just a small strip of grass, I like that they’ve planted these bright dahlias.

Gulf shrimp criolla & creamy ridgecut grits – Criolla Kitchen

Gulf shrimp Criolla & creamy ridgecut grits Criolla Kitchen

Perfectly cooked white gulf shrimps over creamed country grits, smothered with RL’s Holy Trinity tomato sauce, with fresh scallions and herbs. $14.90
Criolla Kitchen, San Francisco

Finally made it to Criolla Kitchen! It was weird going into the old Bagdad Cafe space and experiencing a new restaurant. I think the spirit of Bagdad Cafe is still there somehow. Anyway, the food at Criolla was pretty good, but didn’t quite meet my expectations. I wanted to get blown away with flavor, I mean it’s suppose to be “soul food”, right? This particular dish was actually pretty tasty. The shrimp was tender and nicely cooked and the tomato sauce was flavorful. Other dishes like the gumbo could have had more of a kick.

Side salad Criolla Kitchen

Complimentary side salad.

Annabelle’s chichories salad – Contigo

Annabelle's chichories salad Contigo

Mixed greens with seared cana de cabra goat cheese, persimmons, pomegranates, walnuts and chervil. $13
Contigo, San Francisco

I can’t say that I’ve ever had a salad quite like this! And it was yummy! The persimmons and cana de cabra goat cheese were the ingredients that were new(ish) to me. I don’t usually like raw persimmons but they were really good in this salad. This was the first time I’ve had this goat cheese and I love the crunchy sear on the outside that contrasted with the soft smooth interior. The thick, crsipy greens were hearty enough to hold up to the rich toppings. Great salad!

Chopped liver on toast – Bar Agricole

Chopped liver on toast Bar Agricole
This appetizer came with a side of dressed radicchio and garnished with sliced, pickled onions. $9
Bar Agricole, San Francisco

I didn’t grow up eating chopped liver, but there are Filipino dishes from my childhood that had plenty of liver in it. I don’t mind the strong, minerally taste that I remember so I’m never scared of ordering it at restaurants. This Jewish staple is definitely not like the liver I grew up with! It has a more mellow flavor and a smoother consistency. Bar Agricole’s chopped liver was well seasoned and had a great texture. It was a rustic preparation and you could see the seasonings and add-ins in the coarse mixture. The toasted bread was cut thick enough to hold the generous slathers of chopped liver. Very good! The radicchio, however, was SO salty. Personally, I love salt and can tolerate plenty of it, but these were inedible.