Foie gras terrine – Dolce Sitges

Foie gras terrine - Dolce Sitges
Fruit preserves, toast points, side salad.
Dolce Sitges, Sitges ES

This was SO good! I think they really skimped on the toast points though considering the large slab of the foie gras terrine, lol. Oh well, I made do. 🙂

Art nouveau clock tower

Art nouveau clock tower, Placa Cap de la Vila. The narrow streets of Sitges provide a surprise around every corner!

Chopped liver on toast – Bar Agricole

Chopped liver on toast Bar Agricole
This appetizer came with a side of dressed radicchio and garnished with sliced, pickled onions. $9
Bar Agricole, San Francisco

I didn’t grow up eating chopped liver, but there are Filipino dishes from my childhood that had plenty of liver in it. I don’t mind the strong, minerally taste that I remember so I’m never scared of ordering it at restaurants. This Jewish staple is definitely not like the liver I grew up with! It has a more mellow flavor and a smoother consistency. Bar Agricole’s chopped liver was well seasoned and had a great texture. It was a rustic preparation and you could see the seasonings and add-ins in the coarse mixture. The toasted bread was cut thick enough to hold the generous slathers of chopped liver. Very good! The radicchio, however, was SO salty. Personally, I love salt and can tolerate plenty of it, but these were inedible.