Warm soft pretzel – Hi Tops

Warm soft pretzel - Hi Tops
With house-made mustard and honey. $7
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

What a perfect item to serve at a sports bar! Since chef Jamie Lauren of Top Chef fame served wonderful pretzel bites at her former restaurant Absinthe, why not add a pretzel to the Hi Tops menu?! Score!

Fort Funston
Taking the dog for a walk on the beach at Fort Funston.

Roquette salade – Le P’tit Laurent

Roquette salade - Le P'tit Laurent
Arugula salad with red beet and goat cheese, lemon mustard dressing. $8
Le P’tit Laurent, San Francisco CA

This is such a cute restaurant and the service was very friendly and attentive! Everything we had was very tasty, but I’ll admit that this salad was over-dressed. It tasted great, but there was way too much dressing so the greens were soggy.

Baguette and butter - Le P'tit Laurent
Baguette and butter. Complimentary

Purple iris flowers
Purple iris flowers (Iridaceae), West Field Road.

Darby Dan sandwich – Darby Dan’s Sandwich Co.

Darby Dan sandwich - Darby Dan's Sandwich Co.
Ham, mortdadella, Italian salami, cheese, mayonnaise, garlic spread, mustard, crushed jalapenos, lettuce, and tomato on Dutch crunch bread. $7.75
Darby Dan Sandwich Co., South San Francisco CA

The sandwiches here are quite large and pretty good! They tend to pile on the spreads so if that doesn’t interest you, I’d suggest requesting a light application, hehe. I also love that their Dutch crunch bread is extra flaky on top!

San Francisco Bay Trail sign

San Francisco Bay Trail sign.

House charcuterie – Beast and the Hare

House charcuterie - Beast and the Hare
Coppa, pork shoulder with smoked pimenton and garlic. Bresaola, beef loin cured in juniper, thyme and bordeaux brine. Duck breast, buried in spices 5 days then apple wood smoke. Served with grilled bread, pickled vegetables, and coarse mustard. 3 for $16
Beast and the Hare, San Francisco CA

Now this is what I call a charcuterie plate! SO DELICIOUS!!! All the meats were amazing and the grilled bread, mustard, and pickled veggies really added to the enjoyment of this plate. I’d have to say that the duck breast was my favorite! It was smokey, tender, fatty, and just perfect. NOMS! I definitely have to go back to try some of the other cured meats.

Place setting - Beast and the Hare
Place setting.

Gentain sage 'Blue Angel' (Salvia patens, Lamiaceae)

Gentain sage ‘Blue Angel’ flowers (Salvia patens, Lamiaceae), Dolores Street.

Tosti prosciutto – Il Fornaio Caffe Del Mondo

Tosti prosciutto - Il Fornaio Caffe Del Mondo
Grilled panini with cure Italian ham, artichoke hearts, provolone chese, dijon mustard. $9.50
Il Fornaio Caffe Del Mondo, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

This sandwich was ok. The bread was dry and hard, but I liked the oozy gooey melted provolone cheese. The prosciutto was also extra salty for some reason. And forget about the service – it’s SUPER slow! If you’re in any hurry, avoid this place with your life!

Small coffee - Il Fornaio Caffe Del Mondo

Small coffee. $2.25

Egg salad sandwich – Starbucks

Project 365: Day 93

Yay, I’m SO glad it’s Friday! Now I get to take a break from work and relax a little bit, maybe see some of downtown Charleston this weekend. I’m feeling kind of restless so I’ll probably check out the downtown nightlife this evening. Can’t get crazy with the alcohol though since I’ll be driving.

Egg salad sandwich Starbucks

“Classic egg salad with dill, mustard, celery and lettuce on whole-wheat bread. This traditional lunchtime favorite is dressed with all the trimmings of a truly outstanding sandwich. Crunchy bits of celery, crispy lettuce, delicate hints of dill and a touch of mustard for extra zip. At once creamy, tangy and bright, this superb egg salad, served on hearty whole-wheat bread, makes a deliciously substantial meal.” $5.25
Starbucks, Kettleman City CA

Menage a trois sandwich – Ike’s Place

Menage a trois sandwich Ike's Place

Halal chicken, real honey, honey mustard, bbq, pepper jack, swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, dirty sauce on Dutch crunch bread. $11.11
Ike’s Place, San Francisco

Ok, normally I’d be bitching and moaning about a sandwich that costs more than ten dollars, but the sandwiches at Ike’s are pretty large and super tasty!¬†They have SO many sandwich options, that you should definitely go online and choose what you want first before heading over since they don’t post all the options at the store.

This sandwich was REALLY good! I loved the halal chicken with the honey, honey mustard, and bbq combo! Throw some dirty sauce in there and you’re in sauce heaven!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010