Bone marrow canoe – The Monk’s Kettle

Bone marrow canoe Monk's Kettle

Served with diced pears(?), toast and mixed greens. $9
The Monk’s Kettle, San Francisco

Such a rich and decadent treat! This hit the spot and it tasted great with the Duvel beer. I loved the simple and cute presentation. The menu said that this was served with lemon, but I think it was actually diced pears on top. It was definitely a soft, sweet fruit. Regardless, everything tasted great together!

Old school pretzel knot – The Monk’s Kettle

Old school pretzel knot Monk's Kettle

Served with a cheddar fondue and house mustard. $4.5
The Monk’s Kettle, San Francisco

A simple and elegant bar snack! It’s fun to eat and tastes great with beer. This was more light and bready than I imagined that it would be when I ordered it, but I really liked it. The cheese and mustard dipping sauces were also very tasty.

Old school pretzel knot Monk's Kettle

Halfway done!

Duvel Belgian golden ale – The Monk’s Kettle

Duvel golden ale Monk's Kettle

Light Belgian beer. Brouwerij Moortgat, Breendonk-Puurs, BEL. $10.75
The Monk’s Kettle, San Francisco

I don’t usually enjoy a lot of beers, but I really like this one! It was light and flavorful. And how can you complain when it comes in such a cute glass?! The beer list is quite extensive at The Monk’s Kettle, but the bartender is super friendly and helpful.

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