Cabbage salad with boiled duck – Duck Deli

Cabbage salad with boiled duck - Duck Deli
Goi vit. With sweet/spicy dressing, mixed greens, and roasted peanuts. Small 125,000 VND
Duck Deli, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

Wow, this was delicious! I wish I knew what all the stalks and shaved stems were, but they all tasted great with the duck and the gingery fish sauce dressing. The duck had pieces of chopped bones in it, but I didn’t mind at all. I always think that bone-in is more flavorful anyway.

Hotel de Ville de Saigon
Hotel de Ville de Saigon (City Hall) and Ho Chi Minh statue.

Shrimp spring rolls – Pho 2000

Shrimp spring rolls - Pho 2000
Cha gio tom. Served with sweet fish sauce, carrots and lettuce. 65,000 VND
Pho 2000, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

These crispy spring rolls were really tasty, but I’ve always loved Vietnamese style spring rolls. They had a lot of flavor and were filled with plenty of delicious noodles and vegetables.

Moist towelettes - Pho 2000
Moist towelettes.

SGN international arrivals
Drivers and families wait at international arrivals, SGN.

Shrimp papaya salad – Dinosaurs

Shrimp papaya salad - Dinosaurs
Shrimp with green papaya, carrots, daikon, tomato, and Thai basil. Served with crushed roasted peanuts, fried shallots, and a sweetened lime-fish sauce dressing. $5.75
Dinosaurs, San Francisco CA

Mmm, even the salads at Dinosaurs are delicious! The ingredients taste super fresh and I can’t get enough of those fried shallots and lim-fish sauce. 🙂

Seal Rocks
Seal Rocks, Ocean Beach.

Chicken cabbage salad – Dinosaurs

Chicken cabbage salad - Dinosaurs
Shredded chicken with green and red cabbage, carrots, daikon, and rau rum. Served with crushed roasted peanuts, fried shallots, and a sweetened lime-fish sauce dressing. $5.75
Dinosaurs, San Francisco CA

I liked this salad, but the chicken wasn’t as good as the kind they put in their banh mi’s. But everything tastes better with that lime-fish sauce on top!

Horses at Fort Funston
Horses at Fort Funston Beach! Thank goodness my doggie doesn’t chase after them. 🙂

Bun cha cio – Little Saigon

Bun cha cio - Little Saigon
Imperial rolls (deep fried stuffed with minced pork, taro root and carrot) with rice noodles. Served with shredded lettuce, carrot, mint, bean sprouts, green onions, peanut, and house fish sauce. $6.75
Little Saigon, South San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love Vietnamese imperial rolls! I enjoy the crispy, almost hard texture of its fried wrapper and the salty fish sauce that it always comes with. Almost as good as lumpia, hehe.

South San Francisco Bart Station artwork
Artwork at the South San Francisco Bart Station.

Ca tuyet kho to – Vung Tau Restaurant

Ca tuyet kho to - Vung Tau Restaurant
Sea bass caramelized with garlic, fish sauce and served in an earth pot. $16.95
Vung Tau Restaurant, San Jose CA

I laughed when they brought this out! This was the saddest clay pot I’d ever seen. The singular piece of fish was tiny (notice its size relative to the spoon), and it looked pathetic in the dried, crusty clay pot. They cooked the hell out of this dish so the fish was dry and the remnants of the sauce was super salty. Yuck! This was a complete rip off at seventeen bucks!

Party crowd mural, Mac's Club

Outdoor patio party crowd mural, Mac’s Club. Gotta love the murals at this bar. This is a fun composition, espcially with the drag queen(?) chillin’ on the moon with a rainbow colored umbrella, hehe!

Tam bi tom thit – Vung Tau Restaurant

Tam bi tom thit - Vung Tau Restaurant
Shredded seasoned pork, grilled jumbo prawns, and grilled pork served with broken rice and pickled vegetables. $12.50
Vung Tau Restaurant, San Jose CA

This was just ok. I don’t know why I keep getting the Vietnamese shredded pork? I never like it because it’s SO dry and chalky tasting. The grilled pork and prawn were decent, but at $12.50 for a lunch plate I expect it to be of better quality. And the service was SLOW!

Sweet chili fish sauce - Vung Tau Restaurant
Sweet chili fish sauce, gotta love it!

Panda "bear" and bamboo fence mural
Panda “bear” and bamboo fence mural. This was kinda cute! I like how they incorporated the real bamboo plants behind the fence to created this mural.

Ga quay chao – Ben Tre

Ga quay chao Ben Tre
Baked five spice chicken marinated in lemongrass and rich herb sauce, served with rice, salad, and fish sauce. $11.25
Ben Tre Vietnamese Homestyle Cuisine, South San Francisco CA

Ga quay chao Ben Tre
I’m not sure if this was actually baked, it had a semi-fried texture to me. Maybe it was just finished in the oven. But it was very flavorful and delicious. A bit on the salty side especially if you add the fish sauce, but I think Vietnamese food tends to be salty anyway.

Banh hoi with grilled prawns and pork – Hometown Noodle 2

Project 365: Day 6

Went to try this Vietnamese restaurant for lunch because this was the last day of their Grand Opening special. Free soda and 20% off the entire bill. Heck yeah! I guess this is their second location – the original restaurant is down in Redwood City. The food was pretty good and the lady was super nice, but a little slow and forgetful.

Can’t wait to bike to work tomorrow! I love the early morning cardio. My legs are still a little sore from squats at the gym yesterday. Rapunzel, Papa Chang and I are also gonna go for a quick ride during our lunch break. We’re gonna rule the road, lol!

Banh hoi with grilled prawns and pork Hometown Noodle 2

Banh hoi tom heo nuong. “Banh Hoi” is made by packing thin rice noodles together tightly into patties, then cut into squares. Banh hoi is combined with mint leaves, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, radish, cilantro, green onions, and ground peanuts. Served with house special fish sauce. $9.95
Hometown Noodle 2, San Bruno CA

This was very tasty, but you really can’t go wrong with Vietnamese food – the flavors are bright and refreshing. Both the pork and prawns were tender and flavorful. I really like the compressed vermicelli noodles! I don’t think I’ve had them like that before. I made one lettuce roll, but it was too messy so I ended up just dumping the fish sauce (and some chili oil) over the whole plate and using chopsticks to eat everything. I’m a simple man!