Ca tuyet kho to – Vung Tau Restaurant

Ca tuyet kho to - Vung Tau Restaurant
Sea bass caramelized with garlic, fish sauce and served in an earth pot. $16.95
Vung Tau Restaurant, San Jose CA

I laughed when they brought this out! This was the saddest clay pot I’d ever seen. The singular piece of fish was tiny (notice its size relative to the spoon), and it looked pathetic in the dried, crusty clay pot. They cooked the hell out of this dish so the fish was dry and the remnants of the sauce was super salty. Yuck! This was a complete rip off at seventeen bucks!

Party crowd mural, Mac's Club

Outdoor patio party crowd mural, Mac’s Club. Gotta love the murals at this bar. This is a fun composition, espcially with the drag queen(?) chillin’ on the moon with a rainbow colored umbrella, hehe!


Tam bi tom thit – Vung Tau Restaurant

Tam bi tom thit - Vung Tau Restaurant
Shredded seasoned pork, grilled jumbo prawns, and grilled pork served with broken rice and pickled vegetables. $12.50
Vung Tau Restaurant, San Jose CA

This was just ok. I don’t know why I keep getting the Vietnamese shredded pork? I never like it because it’s SO dry and chalky tasting. The grilled pork and prawn were decent, but at $12.50 for a lunch plate I expect it to be of better quality. And the service was SLOW!

Sweet chili fish sauce - Vung Tau Restaurant
Sweet chili fish sauce, gotta love it!

Panda "bear" and bamboo fence mural
Panda “bear” and bamboo fence mural. This was kinda cute! I like how they incorporated the real bamboo plants behind the fence to created this mural.

Bo bia – Vung Tau Restaurant

Bo bia - Vung Tau Restaurant
Vietnamese fresh spring roll with Chinese sausage, egg, peanut, and lettuce wrapped in rice paper. $7.25
Vung Tau Restaurant, San Jose CA

Bo bia - Vung Tau Restaurant
This was a very disappointing lunch! The food was mediocre and the prices were high for what we received. These fresh rolls were the highlight of the meal though. I’ve never had them with the Chinese sausages before, and they were delicious. I also liked the addition of peanuts for crunch and flavor. Noms!

Pink snapdragon flowers (Antirrhinum majus, Scrophulariaceae)
Pink snapdragon flowers (Antirrhinum majus, Scrophulariaceae). I’m not familiar with all the streets in San Jose so I’m not sure which street this was in downtown San Jose. These plants were in large cement planters lining the sidewalk of a commercial street.