Hot and sour soup – Mister Jiu’s

Hot and sour soup - Mister Jiu's
Early girl tomato, nastursium, lily bulb. $9
Mister Jiu’s, San Francisco CA

This fancy hot and sour soup was definitely non-traditional, but it tasted great with the same recognizable flavors of a normal hot and sour soup. I liked the subtle heat and the well developed flavors.


La bomba de la Barceloneta – La Taverna del Born

La bomba de la Barceloneta - La Taverna del Born
La Taverna del Born, Barcelona SPAIN

Mmm, SO good! This large, deep fried risotto ball filled with cheese was delicious! I loved the beautiful color of the aioli on top too.

Baby octopus stew – La Ciccia

Baby octopus stew - La Ciccia
Prupisceddu in umidu con tomatiga. In spicy sauce. $16
La Ciccia, San Francisco CA

Omg, this was SO delicious! The octopus was tender and that sauce was amazing. It was so rich and deep, and I could’ve eaten a vat of it. This would be great to eat on a cold, rainy day at the bar counter with a glass of red wine!

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