Fideua of seafood – El Rincon de Pepe

Fideua of seafood - El Rincon de Pepe
With shrimp, mussels, and clams. Menu of the day €16.50
El Rincon de Pepe, Sitges SPAIN

This dish was great! I almost liked it more than their paella. Again, this shows just a small portion of the entire dish that came out for only one person. The noodles were thin and soft, but still were able to retain a lot of the sauce. And the seafood was great too.


Cuttlefish “Obama” croquettes – Paco Meralgo

Cuttlefish Obama croquettes - Paco Meralgo
Each €1.95
Paco Meralgo, Barcelona SPAIN

I thought that this menu item description was a bit racist with the “Obama” descriptor. I think it’s a bit silly that just because the croquettes are dark from squid ink, they add the name “Obama” to the menu. But regardless of that, these were very tasty. I loved the squid ink flavor and the texture of the croquettes. The aioli was also a great accompanying sauce.

Shrimp - Paco Meralgo
Raw shrimp on the counter.