Bun bo hue – Pho Express

Bun bo hue - Pho Express
Hue style spicy noodle soup with beef. $9.55
Pho Express, San Francisco CA

They’ve increased the price of this noodle soup since the last time I had lunch here. It was still very tasty, but the beef was on the dry and chewy side. I didn’t eat much of the blood cubes since they have such a strong taste. I enjoyed this overall though.


Paella – Bar el David del Ninot

Paella - Bar el David del Ninot
Chicken and vegetables. €8.50
Bar el David del Ninot, Barcelona SPAIN

Even better than this delicious paella was the service from David the owner of this restaurant at the Mercat del Ninot. I loved the rich saffron flavor of this paella and the texture of the al dente bomba rice.

“Animal style” fries – In-N-Out Burger

Animal style fries - In-N-Out Burger
Topped with cheese, extra spread and grilled onions.
In-N-Out Burger, Mill Valley CA

I feel like whenever I order animal style fries, it becomes less about the French fries and more about the toppings. I find that I stop eating the fries once all the toppings are gone. What is wrong with me?! Lol! These are definitely a decadent item that I only get every once in a while.

Oysters – Pinotxo Bar

Oysters - Pinotxo Bar
Each €3.50
Pinotxo Bar, Barcelona SPAIN

These oysters weren’t my favorite. They were on the large side, and they weren’t very cold. They were super meaty, and didn’t have that briny, crisp flavor that I prefer. The shells were also very flat which I’m just not used to, and the juice just gets everywhere when you’re trying to slip the oysters into your mouth. Hmm…

Roasted chicken for 2 – Tosca Cafe

Roasted chicken for 2 - Tosca Cafe
Ricotta, pine nuts, marsala. $48
Tosca Cafe, San Francisco CA

This was delicious! The breast wasn’t the most succulent roasted chicken I’ve had, but I loved the Italian flavors with the marsala sauce. I also thought it was super cute that they kept the chicken claws attached to the drums (sorry it’s cut off in the pic). Was it the best roasted chicken? No. But it was SO worth the relatively low $48 price tag for roasted chicken (for two people) in San Francisco.

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