Cheeseburger – Popsons Burgers

Cheeseburger - Popsons Burgers
American cheese, onion, lettuce, pickle, special sauce. $6.25
Popsons Burgers, San Francisco CA

These burgers were really tasty. They were simple, but I loved how the patties were cooked. They were nice and crispy-crusty on the outside. Their special sauce was also yummy, and I wish they put more of it on the burger. Mmm…


Spicy chorizo – Mikkeller Bar

Spicy chorizo - Mikkeller Bar
Artisanal spicy chorizo, served with pan on tomate, coarse mustard. €4.50
Mikkeller Bar, Barcelona SPAIN

I loved the texture of this chorizo! I could have sworn they were flash fried, but I’m now sure. Perhaps they were just really dry cured. Regardless, they were delicious and their pan con tomate were some of the best of the trip.