Dungeness crab club – Barndiva

Dungeness crab club - Barndiva
Brioche, bacon, avocado, tomato, baby kale casesar salad, pecorino dressing, served with BD frites. $25
Barndiva, Healdsburg CA

I guess I liked this sandwich enough, but I thought there was too little crab. Also, this wasn’t what I was expecting as a brioche. It was too dense and not buttery enough. Sadly to say, this was probably the worst thing I’ve had at Barndiva. That just goes to show that everything is usually SO good and now I have high expectations.


Sausage roll – Gail’s Bakery

Sausage roll - Gail's Bakery
Gail’s Bakery, Hove ENGLAND

This was heavy, but really yummy. I liked that they cut it in half and heated it through before serving. The sausage filling was hearty and nicely seasoned, and the crust was buttery and flaky.

Chimchimney souffle and sooty tops – Terre a Terre

Chimchimney souffle and sooty tops - Terre a Terre
Brighton Blue double baked soufflé wrapped in pickle powder butter parchment, loaded with charmer cheese cream, garlic oil and thyme baked Jerusalem artichokes. Served with salt toffee apple tattie pave pie, sage and onion, scrumpy beet brew neeps, pink krout and toasted buckwheat hazel oat cob crunch. £15.95
Terre a Terre, Brighton ENGLAND

I thought the concept of this dish was super cute, but I think there was just too much going on to really appreciate all the different components. The individual parts were delicious on their own, but the dish as a whole didn’t work for me. 😦