Dungeness crab club – Barndiva

Dungeness crab club - Barndiva
Brioche, bacon, avocado, tomato, baby kale casesar salad, pecorino dressing, served with BD frites. $25
Barndiva, Healdsburg CA

I guess I liked this sandwich enough, but I thought there was too little crab. Also, this wasn’t what I was expecting as a brioche. It was too dense and not buttery enough. Sadly to say, this was probably the worst thing I’ve had at Barndiva. That just goes to show that everything is usually SO good and now I have high expectations.


Filet mignon burger – Barndiva

Filet mignon burger - Barndiva
House ground filet burger, avocado, buttermilk dressing, bacon, toasted brioche, served with BD frites. $20
Barndiva, Healdsburg CA

Mmm, I loved this burger. The patty was juicy and succulent, and had a nice sear on the outside. It just felt substantial and decadent. I also really like their fries. They’re thick and you get a great potato flavor.

Wine and cocktails - Barndiva

The Cuban sandwich – Barndiva

The Cuban sandwich - Barndiva
Sliced Hobbs applewood smoked ham, swiss, pepperoncini relish, heirloom beets, and frites. $17
Barndiva, Healdsburg CA

This sandwich was pretty big, and it had a lot of flavor. I liked the pepperoncini relish, and of course the beets and frites were super tasty. I wish the bread was toasted though, or that the entire sandwich was pressed.

Banh mi – Barndiva

Banh mi - Barndiva
House ground pork loin, shaved cucumber, pickled chili salad, aioli, toasted brioche. $16
Barndiva, Healdsburg CA

Omg, this banh mi sandwich was delicious! I loved all the Asian flavors and side salad of beets, radishes, and kumquats was out of this world. Their potato chips were also very good. They aren’t fried crisp so they are still pretty pliable. They tasted great though. NOMS!