Cruda tower – Bellota

Cruda tower - Bellota
Grass-fed beef with oyster escabeche, harissa, benne. $15
Bellota, San Francisco CA

I liked the cruda, but not the oyster. I thought it was a weird addition to this dish. The beef tasted great though with a wonderful texture.


Korean fried cauliflower (KFC) – Terre a Terre

Korean fried cauliflower (KFC) - Terre a Terre
With sweet and sour sesame, onigiri rice, soused shiso dikon and khol rabi, pickled mirin ginger jelly and green leaf salt dried chips finished with chestnut purée. £9.60
Terre a Terre, Brighton ENGLAND

Yum! This was another amazing appetizer at Terre a Terre. And again, I didn’t even miss the meat. The KFC was fried beautifully and it just looked great with covered in the bi-colored sesame seeds and all the different components. More please!

Iberico ham sandwich – Store Cafe

Iberico ham sandwich - Store Cafe
Served with olives, fresh orange juice, and coffee with milk. €8.50
Store Cafe, Barcelona SPAIN

We were on our way to Park Guell and needed a quick meal so we ducked into Store Cafe. I loved how the ham just melted on your mouth, and how they lightly spread the bread with tomato. I don’t like it when Spanish places put too much tomato on their bread especially on their sandwich. I’m not even a sandwich person, but there is something about Spanish sandwiches that I really love.