Ham and cheese grilled sandwich – Store Cafe

Ham and cheese grilled sandwich - Store Cafe
Served with potato chips. €4.20
Store Cafe, Barcelona SPAIN

Meh, this was kinda basic. It tasted fine, but it just looked really plain and boring. I thought that they would at least used better bread.


Iberico ham sandwich – Store Cafe

Iberico ham sandwich - Store Cafe
Served with olives, fresh orange juice, and coffee with milk. €8.50
Store Cafe, Barcelona SPAIN

We were on our way to Park Guell and needed a quick meal so we ducked into Store Cafe. I loved how the ham just melted on your mouth, and how they lightly spread the bread with tomato. I don’t like it when Spanish places put too much tomato on their bread especially on their sandwich. I’m not even a sandwich person, but there is something about Spanish sandwiches that I really love.