Bravas – Bellota

Bravas - Bellota
Crisped, Kennebec potatoes, chipotle bravas salsa, smoky aioli. $10
Bellota, San Francisco CA

These weren’t my favorite bravas ever. They tasted good, but they were SO greasy! I’m not sure if these were twice-fried, but they were just sponges of oil. Yuck!


Croqueta – Bellota

Croqueta - Bellota
Creamy clam and sea urchin fritter, pickled ramp, seaweed powder. $15
Bellota, San Francisco CA

These may have been small, but they were wonderful! The interior was so creamy and delicious, and they were fried perfectly. I can’t say I’ve ever had a clam and sea urchin croqueta, but my goodness it was tasty! I could eat an entire tray of these perfect morsels.