Iberian pork plate – Saffron

Iberian pork plate - Saffron
Plato de lomo iberico. €16.45
Saffron, Barcelona SPAIN

I love Spanish cured meats! We went here for dinner the night that I arrived in Barcelona, and it was super cute and the food was delicious. The service was also extremely accommodating and attentive. I think we sat down at 10pm and pretty much closed the place down. Gosh, I love European dining!


Sweet and sour chicken – United Airlines

Roast chicken with gravy - United Airlines
Served with steamed vegetables, rice, side salad, and dinner roll. Complimentary
San Francisco (SFO) to London (LHR), United Airlines

Ugh, airline food… This was decent at least, but I don’t expect much from United Airlines. It’s just mandatory food to get people full so that they can fall asleep. I can usually sleep for an entire flight, but I had some difficulty falling asleep on this flight so I ended up watching a bunch of movies.

Slow roasted pork belly with crackling – Bedford Tavern

Slow roasted pork belly with crackling - Bedford Tavern
Served with roasted vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, roasted potatoes and gravy. £9.95
Bedford Tavern, Brighton ENGLAND

OMG, this Sunday roast had SO much food! I think I could only get through a quarter of this plate before I was down for the count. The pork was super tender and juicy and all the other components were cooked beautifully! The service (bartender and owner) were so great and the Tavern had a very comfortable feel to it. I would definitely recommend this place for a relaxing Sunday roast in a great atmosphere.