Bolina pizza – Il Galeone

Bolina pizza - Il Galeone
Pomodoro, mozzarella, prosciutto cotto, wurstel, funghetti. €8.50
Il Galeone, Genoa ITALY

I love the crust of the pizza, and the sauce. I think any topping would taste great on this delicious base. I was a little surprised that wurstel was like hot dogs, but it actually tasted pretty good!

Ligure insalata – Il Galeone

Ligure insalata - Il Galeone
Bresaola, mozzarella, pomodori conditi, rucola. €9
Il Galeone, Genoa ITALY

Wow, this was a lot of meat for a “salad”, lol! Ok, I can work with this. It was pretty good though and the arugula really help cut the meatiness of this salad.