Garlic chicken – Mesa

Garlic chicken - Mesa
Fried chicken tossed in honey and garlic glazed. 200 PHP

Mmm, these were delicious! Of all the items we ordered, this chicken was one of my favorites. I love sweet and flavorful glazes so this did it for me. The chicken was also juicy and tender so it was a success all around.

Green lobsters
Green lobsters at the d*talipapa fish market.


Baby squid in olive oil – Mesa

Baby squid in olive oil - Mesa
Sautéed in olive oil and seasoned with garlic and laurel. 270 PHP

Ugh, this wasn’t very good. It had a weird flavor and texture. I don’t know if they just threw it in for garnish, but the dry bay leaf was not appreciated. I hope that’s not how they produced the laurel flavor, by throwing in a crusty leaf afterward! I was excited to order this dish and it fell flat.

Station 2 beach
Station 2 beach.

Crispy duck – Mesa

Crispy duck - Mesa
1/4 duck deep fried and served with sweet chili sauce. 390 PHP

This duck was ok. I think it was over-fried in my opinion, but I found that this is how many of the fried proteins come out. They tend to be too dry and tough for my liking. I guess that’s why they always come with some kind of dipping sauce.

Stir fried vegetables - Mesa
Stir fried vegetables in garlic sauce.

Roast pig
Roast pig displayed at one of the restaurants along the beach.

Crispy tilapia – Mesa

Crispy tilapia - Mesa
Fried boneless tilapia served with four sauces. 290 PHP

Crispy tilapia - Mesa
Hmm, the tilapia actually wasn’t that crispy when it arrived to our table. The fried chunks of fist were getting soggy from sitting out too long perhaps. I liked that they garnished the dish with the deep fried fish heads and attached bodies. The sauces were also fun to mix and match. I just wish the tilapia had been crispier and less mealy.

Red torch ginger
Red torch ginger flower (Etlingera elatior, Zingiberaceae), Boracay Regency grounds.

Sisig rice – Mesa

Sisig rice - Mesa
Stir fried rice tossed with pork sisig and topped with fried egg. 130 PHP

This was good, but I wish that there was more pork sisig tossed in. It really just tasted like regular fried rice and I missed a lot of the sisig flavor. I do love a runny egg on anything though!

My Fish Spa
People getting the dead skin on their feet eaten by fish in the tank at My Fish Spa. Don’t know if I’d like this. 🙂

Shrimp cake – Mesa

Shrimp cake - Mesa
Shrimp patties skewered with asparagus, served with sweet and sour sauce. 220 PHP

Ugh, these were SO frickin’ dry! It was like biting into cardboard. Even the sweet and sour sauce couldn’t save these thin shrimp disasters.

Lights decoration
Lights decoration strung from coconut trees along the beach strip.

Talong (eggplant) salad – Mesa

Talong (eggplant) salad - Mesa
Grilled eggplant soaked in sweet tangy vinaigrette. 250 PHP

I really do love eating eggplants, so it was a shame and annoying that this grilled eggplant salad wasn’t very good. It tasted WAY too sour the eggplants were cooked unevenly. Some were undercooked and on the hard side, and others were overcooked and super mushy. Lame!

Main wing pool, Boracay Regency
Main wing pool at night, view from our room.

Pomelo salad with latik – Mesa

Pomelo salad with latik - Mesa
Fresh pomelo chunks with grated coconut and house dressing. 250 PHP

This was a very different dish for me. I liked the pomelo wedges and the toasted coconut was good, but I’m still on the fence regarding the milky dressing. It didn’t taste bad, but I’m not sure that it added to the flavors of the salad. Latik refers to solid coconut curds, by the way, but I had difficulty differentiating them from the toasted shaved coconut. I did like the presentation in the banana leaf!

Manhattan - Mesa
Manhattan. 180 PHP

Sailing around Boracay
Sailing around the island.