Charcuterie board – Hamlet

Charcuterie board - Hamlet
Smoked duck prosciutto, salami, pork terrine. $15
Hamlet, San Francisco CA

This charcuterie plate was lovely. I liked that they included duck which isn’t standard for charcuterie boards. I also liked the thinness of the slices. The condiments and hazelnuts were also great accompaniments. Mmm…

Charcuterie board – Lark

Charcuterie board - Lark
Selection of prepared meats, jam, nuts and fruit. $18
Lark, San Francisco CA

This was a decent charcuterie board. The salumi weren’t anything different or special, but they tasted good enough and they at least provided four different kinds. They should have served more toasted baguette slices though.

Salumi misti – Perbacco

Salumi misti - Perbacco
A selection of house cured salumi inspired by traditional Piemontese recipes. Salame nostrano, salame finocchiona, lonza, coppa, lardo de cavour, testa, duck pate and rillettes. $19
Perbacco, San Francisco CA

Came here with some friends and had to suggest that they try this charcuterie plate. I loved it the first time I had it, and they really enjoyed it too. Perbacco certainly knows how to make delicious salumi!

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Combination platter – Opolo Vineyards

Combination platter - Opolo Vineyards
Full assortment of cured meats and artisanal cheeses served with warm focaccia, pickled vegetables and organic Opolo walnuts. $28
Opolo Vineyards, Paso Robles CA

This charcuterie and cheese board was wonderful and worked great with their wines at Opolo. It was very relaxing to sit on their patio and sip wine and have a midday snack.

Chef’s selection flatbread – Carpe Diem Wine Bar

Chef's selection flatbread - Carpe Diem Wine Bar
Blue cheese sauce, pancetta, shishito pepper, potato, parmesan. Happy hour $9
Carpe Diem Wine Bar, Napa CA

Mmm, this flatbread was delicious! I’m not totally sold on the addition of the shishito peppers though – they didn’t quite fit to me. The blue cheese sauce was yummy though and the other toppings worked well together.

Inkberry cabernet sauvignon - Carpe Diem Wine Bar
Inkberry cabernet sauvignon. Happy hour $6

Cheese and charcuterie board – Carpe Diem Wine Bar

Cheese and charcuterie board - Carpe Diem Wine Bar
Prosciutto, salame, brillat savarin and other cheeses, grilled bread, candied walnuts, cornichons, fruit compote and mustard. Happy hour $10
Carpe Diem Wine Bar, Napa CA

This wasn’t the fanciest charcuterie board I’ve ever had, but it was certainly delicious. And at ten bucks, it was a fantastic value. I loved the brillat savarin (one of my favorite cheeses) and the grilled bread and other accompaniments were yummy.

Pol Clement brut & Inkberry cabernet sauvignon - Carpe Diem Wine Bar
Pol Clement brut. Happy hour $6

Artisanal charcuterie and cheese platter – Sonoma Market

Artisanal charcuterie and cheese platter - Sonoma Market
Salami, prosciutto, cheeses, fig jam spread, olive assortment, grapes, strawberries, crackers, chocolate. $19.99
Sonoma Market, Sonoma CA

Wine tasting in Sonoma is great and and perfect with a charcuterie and cheese plate. A perfect pairing! This plate was pretty decent and I especially liked the fig jam spread.