Cider brined pork porterhouse – Tinderbox Kitchen

Cider brined pork porterhouse - Tinderbox Kitchen
Creamy polenta, grilled garlic broccolini. $28
Tinderbox Kitchen, Flagstaff AZ

Mmm, this pork was delicious! I have to admit that it came out underdone so we had to send it back, but it was still SO tasty. The char was wonderful and the cider brine was yummy. Noms!

“The Board” – Tinderbox Kitchen

The Board - Tinderbox Kitchen
House made charcuterie, TBOX breads, select cheese, other goodies. $16
Tinderbox Kitchen, Flagstaff AZ

This charcuterie board was delicious! I loved all the meats and the smoked duck breast was probably my favorite. Noms!

Churchill Manhattan & Hummingbird cocktail - Tinderbox Kitchen
Churchill Manhattan: Bulleit rye whiskey, sweet and dry vermouth, blood orange bitters, lemon twist.
Hummingbird: champagne, elderflower liqueur, lemon, soda.